Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fabric for Tilly's Room

Since finding out Baby Jordan was a girl, I've started to think back on all the little signs I'd been given about her gender leading up to the day we found out. I don't really believe in signs per se, but just go along with it.

First, we had a name ready to go. 100 percent decided. Unlike our boy name that was 50 percent decided. My husband was convinced that if we had a little boy, his middle name would be Wayne. I told him I would cross my legs and resist delivery over the name Wayne.

I'm sorry if you are reading this and your name is Wayne.

Secondly, prior to knowing our gender, I would peruse the fabric store with LJ to look at fabric for Knox's room. If I found fabric I liked, I would have a swatch cut. Somehow, all my fabrics ended up being for a little girl's room. Coincidence? ... humm ... probably so ... but it's fun to think I had some divine mother's intuition thingy going on!!

So, here's the fabric for Tilly's crib bedding. I think it will be lovely with her fun green dresser. I've marked on the photo which fabric goes where. With the dresser and this colorful fabric, everything moving forward will be more subdued.

I immediately loved the center fabric, but didn't really know what to put with it. Fortunately, my sweet friend Amanda owns the best fabric store in town, Milling Around, and helped me pull the rest of the fabrics together. I love her and her store!

I think it's fun, different and girly without being pink! And I'm pretty sure if I went with a soft, sweet "baby" room, I would tire of it quickly. I love seeing her room come together, but I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that in a few months she'll be in the room, too.

How can I ever be 100 percent ready for that?


Diana & Orie said...


misti said...

Love those!

I can imagine a sweet baby girl sleeping very soundly, for 9 hours straight in that crib bedding.


Amy said...

You are going to be a FABULOUS Mommy! I love the fabric and I absolutely can't wait to see the finished project! (with Tilly in her beautiful nursery):)

Stephanie Jordan said...

hahaha ... Misti, that's too funny!! Maybe that's what I found so appealing about that bedding. It looked like it would sleep very comfortably for extended periods of time.

I hope to do a good job! Planning the nursery is the easy part!!

Erinn and Trey said...

I love all of that. What's the wall color?

Lauren said...

Love the bedding colors! Can't wait to see it all together! And I totally believe in "motherly" intuition. I KNEW we were having a girl, and so far other friend's that have been pregnant too have had an pretty strong inkling of the gender too! I've only tested this theory on first-borns though! I had the exact same experience of feeling 100% about the girl's name, and whenever I thought about a nursery, I could only imagine girly things. It's crazy how deep down you do really know!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Erinn, the walls will be something neutral, like an oatmeal or off-white color.

Lauren, I had strong intuitions for a while. They were wrong though!! I spent the first two months convinced I was having a boy!!

Jenny Gulett said...

Wrong on all three of mine!!!