Friday, March 16, 2012

From Barn to Bedroom: A Refinished Headboard

Well over a year ago, LJ's mom, Mrs. Lesa, gave me a headboard that didn't sell during their garage sale.

I loved it, and I couldn't believe it hadn't sold. I saw its hidden potential and knew I could put it to good use. Lucky for me, Mrs. Lesa was interested in purging her barn of old furniture and generously donated it to me.

Then, it sat in my garage for a solid year.

The oak was weathered from years of barn dwelling, but it was nothing a little sanding couldn't fix. The top of the headboard had beautiful wood details that made the piece seem special to me. Of course, I don't have a before picture even though it was propped against my garage wall for a year. I had good intentions, but it never came to fruition.

However, during my pregnancy, I've had an uncanny desire to finally take care of the things on my longstanding project list. I don't think life ends when you have a baby ... but my actions sometimes say otherwise. I can't help it. I'm nesting.

Nesting all over the place. ...

I cannot nest fast enough. ...

I wonder if birds feel this same way when they nest?

So, I finally finished up the headboard this week and love the end result.

I started by painting the entire headboard in a slightly off-white satin paint.

This was the hardest part. I spent about three hours painting these wood details in an turquoise acrylic paint. And complained enough that my husband helped out. Love him. For many other reasons besides just this one, but I love him for this one, too.

I then put a black glaze in the creases of the headboard and turquoise parts to bring out the special little details. I followed that with some light sanding to give it a more weathered look and sealed it with polyurethane to protect it for years to come.

No worries, I was safe with my painting. I covered my mouth with a rag and made sure there was plenty of ventilation.

The guys moved it upstairs last night, and it does a lot to make the space nice and cozy for our overnight visitors.

Now, what to do with those other four pieces of furniture in my garage?


Lesa said...

Well, Mrs. Lesa wants it back now. Just kidding. It looks much better. What kind of bedding are you thinking? Love the blue.

Mandy S said...

Love the headboard!!!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Haven't really thought about bedding just yet. We have a chocloate brown duvet for this bed that we're using right now. It looks nice, but I think bringing in some more blue would look really good, too.