Monday, July 20, 2009

Thomas Turns One

This weekend we celebrated the first birthday of Ty's godson, Thomas. I have to say, we love this little boy! Godparents aren't a normal thing in the Methodist church, but the Blanchers wanted Thomas to have godparents because they were a big part of Adam's (the dad) upbringing in the Catholic church.

Outside of blood relatives and other families with kids, Ty and I were the only couple there without children. Not only that, but this was my first one-year-old birthday party. I had no idea what to expect. To summarize, there were lots of babies wobbling around and lots of cupcakes and sno cones eaten. Let's just say, I peaked on sugar consumption for the weekend.

But having never been to a one-year-old party before, I also didn't know what sort of gift to bring. I can't very well remember what I enjoyed when I was one. I enlisted the help of LJ's sister and mother of three Crystal Wibben. She solved my problem and hand-delivered two monogrammed sippy cups. Adorable!!!

I still wanted to do something more. While I can't remember life at the age of one, I can remember that a great chunk of my childhood was spent reading any book I could get my hands on (I'm sure this comes as no surprise). Ty thought this was a great idea, so we got Thomas some of our favorite books growing up. "Hop on Pop," "Green Eggs and Ham," "The Giving Tree," "The Little Engine That Could," "Curious George." I could have kept going. I simply love children's books.

It will be a while before Thomas can read these books for himself, but I hope he will love them as much as we did growing up.


Ashley Netherton said...

He is precious!!!

Stephanie Netherton said...

He's a sweetheart, too!

Anonymous said...

Steph- If anyone is interested in the sippy cups, they can look at Denise's website... Just a thought!

Stephanie Netherton said...

Great idea, Crystal. Thanks for sharing the Web site and all your help with this gift. You truly are a goddess!