Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding

In the midst of our final weeks before the wedding, my best friend, LJ, was inspired (finally) to do something with her wedding pictures. I can hardly believe that was almost a year ago. It feels like two months at the max. So, she posted some pictures on Facebook, in which her photographer captured some truly priceless moments between she and I. Mostly involving the bouquet toss.

It started something like this. All smiles, but considering my linebacker stance, I was preparing to wrestle Lesley to the ground. It's only fair considering her height advantage.

The bouquet is released and it was as if the fates had chosen me. It looks like Lesley is getting ready to give me the fight of her life, but LJ has perfect aim ... and she was probably tired of hearing me talk about when Ty and I might get engaged! That's a best friend for you. She's not only tossing the bouquet, but she's sending a gentle nudge in Ty's direction. 

This next photo is quintessential of mine and LJ's friendship. Nevermind that my eyeballs are about to bulge from their sockets in excitement, what is LJ doing? I my mind, I think she did a helicopter spin.

And then the catch. I feel a little embarrassed to see the looks on the other bridesmaid's faces. They're thinking I've lost my mind, and I'm secretly thinking I've had too many glasses of chardonnay.

Looking back, this was such a fun time. We reminisce about it often. This picture brought back memories of last winter also:

The further into winter we get, the less Ty realizes his beard is starting to look like the Unabomber's. In his words (Ty's not the Unabomber's): "Man, that's a big beard." My response: "I tried to tell you."

And then we did this:

My goodness, weddings are fun!


melissa said...

Ha! These pictures are great!! Looking forward to seeing you look fab on your big day!

Stephanie Netherton said...

Melissa, these pictures kind of remind me of you at Carie's wedding! Do you remember swinging your sash around! PRICELESS!

I'm so glad you guys are going to be there!