Friday, August 20, 2010

My Groom is Being Held Hostage

Last night, some of Ty's guy friends rolled into town early for Ty's bachelor weekend, so we thought it was the perfect evening to grab dinner and drinks at Noble Savage. I love the food at Noble Savage. It's unexpectedly gourmet and in complete contrast to the restaurant/bar's atmosphere, and the specials are always delicious.

None of the out of town guys arrived in time to eat, but for the rest of us, the food was spectacular. Is it strange that the soup course is always my favorite? God bless a good soup. For my main course, I ordered the lamb chops and the guys ordered elk, and I began to figure that this entire meal was nothing more than a ploy to butter me up before dropping a bachelor party bomb on me.

"You can't talk to Ty all weekend," Groomsman A said.

I listened as these two single guys explain their reasoning, and then I called malarkey on the whole idea. I'm not a needy phone person. It's not like Ty and I are on the phone with one another all day long, but it's nice to touch base with the man you're going to marry in three weeks. Am I wrong?
I'm sure the husbands on the trip will touch base with wives and children. And I'm sure the single guys will touch base with women throughout the weekend.

But for Ty, this is not just his bachelor party. It is also a hostage situation.