Monday, July 11, 2011

Back from Vacation

The Jordans are back from our Gulf Coast vacation and completely refreshed! I know I promised to blog, but I encountered difficulty syncing my mobile number to my blogger account. Forgive me?

In the matter of one week, I managed to  ...

master the art of a Pina Colada.

finally finish the book I started reading in February.

get a glorious massage.

watch two consecutive hours of Family Guy.

eat lots of terrific seafood.

buy a dress for $7 at the JCrew outlet.

watch a beautiful fireworks show fired off directly in front of our condo balcony.

beat Ty racing go carts (forget the fact that his ride stalled out. A win is a win.)

drink the single most strongest cocktail of my life at the Pink Pony Pub.

and only reply to a single work e-mail all week.

Despite all the reasons I enjoyed our trip, I came home with one unwanted souvenir ... swimmer's ear. What am I ... 12 again? I thought only kids got swimmer's ear? Just goes to show you, I play hard.

In retrospect, I will no longer plan vacations on national holidays. After our Memorial Day trip, I came home with poison ivy. Now following my Fourth of July adventure, I have swimmer's ear. I'm staying put come Labor Day!


Mandy S said...

ha! I was thinking that when you told me you had swimmer's ear! i haven't had that since high school at least!!! (and only then for obvious COSST). anyway, glad y'all had fun and are back safely!!

Stephanie Jordan said...

I'm sure you guys have had a case or two of swimmer's ear in your lifetime! I'm not getting much sympathy from Ty because of it!

Mandy S said...

oh, man!!! i'll give you sympathy!! Swimmer's ear sucks!!!

Erin said...

Is the dress in your picture the "$7 JCrew Dress?" Regardless, it's very cute. Congrats on the purchase :).

Ps- Swimmer's ear stinks... you have my (someone who did summer league swimming) deepest sympathy.

Stephanie Jordan said...

Erin, that's not the $7 JCrew dress, but I did wear that dress on Sunday.