Friday, July 1, 2011

Vacation Amnesia

By tomorrow evening, this will be my view.

Can. Not. Wait.

I'm can't wait to enjoy a week of R&R with my husband and some of our close friends. I'm excited about a long list of things. Fruity drinks. The smell of the ocean. Seafood nachos at Pink Pony Pub. Live music and Jet Ski Killers (that's a frozen beverage) at Lulu's. A visit to the JCrew outlet in Foley. Waves rushing in to splash my feet. Rarely/never straightening my hair and no makeup. Our resort's pool side bar & grill and spa services. Sleeping late. Fresh oysters and seafood. Putt Putt. Reading on the beach. Playing with the Gulett kiddos. Hanging out on the balcony at night. Crab hunting. Living in swimsuits, cover ups and pjs for a week.

Really, the days leading up to vacation are absolutely the most stressful. There's so much to do to prepare for your absence. Not that I'm that important. I'm sure everyone will survive the week I'm gone. My friend said that once we leave town all of that stress will quickly be forgotten. And we started referring to that phenomenon as "vacation amnesia."

I'm ready to not have a care in the world ... at least for a few days.

I will do my best to not forget about you all! It may be a week of short posts, but I hope to send a few beach pictures your way.

See you next week and happy Fourth!


misti said...

Your beach list sounds fantastically similar to ours! We do it up right on the gulf coast!

Happy vacay :)

Mandy S said...

ooooohhh!!! SOOOOO fun!!! hope y'all have a blast!!!

Mandy S said...

and send me some pics of the view!

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Have fun!! It looks beautiful!