Monday, July 18, 2011

Menu Monday and More

I am officially a delinquent blogger. I'm in project overload in my real world life, which has resulted in fewer posts over the past several weeks. Hopefully, I can do a little better this week!

First, I want to share some new things that have gone in around our house.

These are the three beautiful Robert Furber botanical prints that Ashley and Jenny gave me for my birthday. There is a botanical print for each month, and the girls gave me April (Ty's birth month), May (my birth month) and September (our wedding month). I got them framed and finally hung them in our hallway this weekend.

I think they look elegant and simple. We have a really narrow hallway running through the center of our house, and these are the perfect size to visually work in the tight space.

We've lived in our house for over a year now and from time to time we've had some significant battles with our pool. My brother sent us this picture while he was staying at our house over Memorial Day weekend.

Dis-gusting!!! I wish I could say this was a green screen, but it was the actual color of our pool's water. Lacy and Taylor don't seem to mind! We felt we'd tried everything, so at the beginning of last week we agreed to give it two more weeks and then we were going to drain it and start over.

Then something miraculous happened. The pool started to make a dramatic turn, and by the weekend, it was close to crystal clear. I'm so glad because I was sick about how much our water bill would be to fill up our pool again!

To celebrate (and because they were majorly on sale at World Market), we bought some cute and comfy pool loungers. I don't know how we survived this long without them?

I'm happy my pool matches those cushions! I'm looking forward to when it's cool enough to read my Kindle poolside.

Now with those house things behind me, my sister-in-law Ashley had a wonderful idea that I think I'm going to incorporate on the blog. I'm calling it "Menu Monday," and basically that means at the beginning of each week, I'll share with you a list what I'm cooking that week.

Each Monday, Ashley and I always want to know what the other person is cooking that week. We exchange our menus, and that usually leads to some swapped recipes! I'm hoping it will work the same way for all of us here. It'll also be a nice preview of some recipes to come in the following weeks.

I invite you to share your menu and recipes, too!

Here's my weekly dinner menu, along with links to the recipes I've already shared!

Monday: Crunchy Herbed Chicken with Fresh Vegetables and Couscous
Tuesday: Ashley's Crock Pot Roast with Dijon Roasted New Potatoes and Vegetables
Wednesday: Whatever fish they have at Maxwell's (my favorite local market with a wonderful variety of fresh fish) to make herb and lemon fish.
Thursday: Frozen Dinner Swap Dish - Chicken Zucchini Casserole

Bon Appetit!


misti said...

Menu Monday - love it! Maybe I should play along until I have this baby, because let's face it...I'm seeing lots of takeout in my near future.

Laura said...

I love this idea! Maybe, just maybe it'll help me get a desire to cook. The crunchy herb chicken is high on the list of Taylor favorites. Perhaps I'll take a stab at that one. :)

Stephanie Jordan said...

Misti, you have every reason under the sun not to cook! One thing that scares me about Menu Monday is that people will discover how much we actually eat out instead of cook!!

LJ, I thought about you last night as I ate my chicken. I thought about how much you would like this recipe. How about you and Marcus come over for dinner soon and we'll make it together so that you're completely capable when the time comes! I'll show you some shortcuts and you'll be good to go!

Laura said...

Yes Chef!

Ashley Netherton said...

Yay for a new blog! I've got a lot to say.. I'm also super excited about menu Monday! I'm scared that Taylor swam in that water, it makes me gag. I adore the new pool loungers & can not wait to try them out!! I think they Robert Furber prints look awesome framed & can't wait to see those in person either!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Well, Ashley, I think you're finally going to have to clear you schedule and accept our invitation to come over and play!

Ashley Netherton said...

My schedule can be cleared at a moments notice now! Just for you, my favorite sister in law!!! I think I may take a vacation day on friday, checking into a room at your house, pretend I'm on a vaca and lounge by the pool. Can you take of to "staycation" with me, or to serve me, while I'm there ?

Mandy S said...

i can't type well cause i have a newborn in one hand at the moment, but i love this post like ashley! can't wait to be inspired my Menu Mondays and i cannot believe Taylor swam in that!!!!