Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Meet Me at the Dixie Cream

I decided a few weeks ago to take my first venture in becoming an official Gilmore Girl (aka., someone who finds the desirables in small town life).

My experiment is called Small Town Special. And instead of looking at all the things that aren't in this small town where I work, I'm beginning to fish out all the good things about small communities - starting with the food. I began this adventure just weeks ago, and last week a co-worker found a roach in the fried rice at Chinese buffet. I will be skipping this location and praying for sanitary kitchens as I press on!

My first stop was Dixie Cream. I picked this place based mostly on its name. On that fact alone, it's already oozing with charm! Then I pulled up.

Doesn't look like much, but I loved the sight of this place. I think walk-up windows used to be commonplace before my time, but since then the window has been replaced by the drive-thru. To me, this is the way "fast food" should look in a small town where things move a little slower. Everyone has time to get out of the car and visit with others. I know this isn't necessarily true (based on my workload alone), but it's how things worked on "Gilmore Girls"!

I felt a little on the spot when it came time to order. As you can see, the menu is extensive. So, I went with the standard menu item, cheeseburger and fries. I waited in the 100 degree weather for my food. The more my jeans stuck to my legs, the less charming Dixie Cream seemed.

Finally, my made-to-order lunch was ready, and I went back to my office to enjoy. By the time I'd made the quick 10-minute trip back to my desk, my brown sack was marred with grease ... a sign of good things to come followed by a twinge of guilt.

As I unwrapped the white paper from around my burger, I thought "this is what a burger is meant to be like." It was delicious, fresh, bursting with homemade flavor. I loved it, all the while apologizing to my hips and thighs. I'll be sure to return to Dixie Cream for ice cream and ribbon cut fries.

If this is what's in store, I can't wait for this small town to seduce me ... one greasy brown bag at a time!


Mandy S said...

oh, my yumminess!!! looks so good to a new mommy!! i can't get away w/calling it pregnancy cravings anymore!!!

misti said...

Small town burger joints rarely disappoint!

Love the GG references :)

Catherine said...

I can remember going there after school in high school, and my then boyfriend would always get the Purple People Eater. You should try it! Really any of the milkshakes are soooo good.

Stephanie Jordan said...

Catherine, what's the Purple People Eater? I'm so curious!