Thursday, June 30, 2011

Betty Netherton: "I knew I had a little umph left"

In my life and the lives of so many others, my grandmother is an absolute treasure. Whether you call her Nana (like me) or Betty, chances are if you've met her, you've found her irresistably charming. She's 81, but full of spunk and spirit and determination.

My friends often comment on how cute Nana is, and I'll admit, she's pretty darn cute.

A few years ago, Nana went into the hospital. She seemed to be doing OK, just a minor illness, and then she took a turn for the worse. I was in bed one night, after spending part of the evening at the hospital, when my phone rang and my stepmom told me I needed to come back to the hospital that things weren't looking good.

Ty drove me to the hospital. I couldn't focus on anything besides where this night might lead. As soon as we walked onto her floor, and I saw my entire family and the look on their faces, I broke down in tears. I was going to lose my grandmother.

No matter how long and rich a life a person has lived, nothing prepares you for moments like those. Loss is loss. It leaves you craving for one more moment with the person you love.

I was fortunate enough to get more moments. Nana's determination kicked in and she fought for her life. She spent 60 days in the hospital and it took nearly an entire year for her to fully recover.

But look at her now.

{Doug Collier/The Times}
A local reporter played a round of golf with my grandmother this week and told her story beautifully. Next to her husband, family and faith, golf is one of Nana's greatest loves.

Here's Nana's story, if you'd like to read it.

I'm thrilled that not only is she healthy, but she's able to play the game she loves.

Reading her story today made me a little teary, mostly because I feel so blessed.

This remarkable lady is my grandmother.


Lindsey said...

awwwww! How sweet! That is how I felt about my grandmother (Gammy) too!

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Very sweet post, Stephanie. I'm going to go check out the article.