Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ty's New Reupholstered Chairs

As a wedding gift to my husband, I promised him I would fix up his office. And nine months later, his office looks like this:

Clearly, I haven't gotten very far on this project. I hope this is not a poor reflection on me as a wife. And to my credit, I did provide that nice, big desk for him. You're so very welcome, honey.

Ty's not really in his office much, but I would still like it to be a nice place for him to get some work done. And I'm sure his office mates would appreciate him sprucing things up a bit. Their office building is less than two years old. It's a beautiful space with lots of reclaimed wood and rustic finishes. But right now, Ty's office is a depressing sight in the middle of an otherwise beautiful place.

The walls won't be such a problem. Note the collection of duck-themed artwork resting along the wall. They've been banned from display in my home, but they would look nice in here and represent Ty well.

But, I think one of the most important parts of creating an inviting office is to provide comfortable seating for office visitors. It ended up being one of the most expensive parts of his wedding gift project, but I wanted the seating to make a statement. To be masculine, but pretty.

These are not pretty, but I knew I could work with them. I bought them for $25 each at an auction my company was having to get rid of some old office furnishings. The price was right, and with the right fabric, I knew they could be beautiful.

I found some fabric at my friend Amanda's store, Milling Around. I refinished the arms and legs in a creamy white paint and glazed them to create a distressed finish. Then I roughed them up a bit with some sandpaper and sent them off to be reupholstered.

And I just got them back yesterday evening!!

I think they are absolutely beautiful. The upholstery guy did a fantastic job and the fabric lines up perfectly to create a magical, lovely pair of office chairs.

I'm so pleased, I have to remind myself that they're just chairs. 

I'm so pleased, I have to remind myself that they're not going in my house.

I'm currently storing them in the garage because I fear if they come in my house, they'll never come out. And a promise is a promise. And I think under all circumstances, it's good to keep promises to your spouse.

In this instance, I could be easily swayed. Beautiful fabric is a weakness.

I plan to find some accessories, do some sprucing and finish up Ty's office in the coming weeks. I'll be sure to share the final results with you guys!


Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

The chairs look great! Great fabric.

Catherine said...

They look amazing! I LOVE the fabric...I would have a hard time parting with them, too!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Ty has told me to start looking for some new chairs. He likes these, but thinks they're too fancy for his office! He thinks they belong in our house and not his office ... so I may be in luck!

Catherine, thanks for Mitch's number. He does such a great job!!