Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Coffee in the Afternoon

Last week, Ty and I splurged on a portable air conditioning unit for our bedroom. When it's 100 degrees during the day and you have windows dating back to the mid-30s, things tend to get rather hot. We don't like hot. We can't sleep hot.

Sidenote: Is it really only the beginning of June? Do we really have at least three more months of this?

After one hot night of tossing and turning, Ty was done. He'd mentioned a window unit ... I told him not to mention it again. I can't bear the thought of hanging a window unit out the back of my house. Thankfully, they have these neat little portable air conditioners that sit inside very discretely! It was something we could agree on.

We went to Lowe's the next day after work, brought home our ac unit, set it on 65 and slept like babies.

However, this has created one small problem.

I've never slept better.

I wake up each morning and it takes a while to get my bearings. I've been sleeping so hard that I can't even figure out where I am when I wake up. Or who this strange man is sleeping beside me (just kidding, Ty!). I'm all but comatose.

And the coma has been sticking with me throughout the day. I just had afternoon coffee. I never have afternoon coffee. But I wasn't going to make it through my day otherwise. The coma was setting in.

In the instance I have afternoon coffee, there are very strict rules:
  • Morning coffee must come in a mug. It involves cream and Splenda. Powdered creamer is not acceptable. It's just not natural.  
  • Afternoon coffee must come in a small styrofoam cup (The way it is served at auto repair shops. Well, that's what it reminds me of). It can not be served with creamer or Splenda, just a small single scoop of sugar.
I'm sure from all of these points you've realized two things about me.
  1. I'm sleepy.
  2. That makes a little crazy.
For all of us, I hope my body adjusts very soon.


misti said...

We like it so cold at night that the windows fog up! We Walkers don't sleep...we hibernate like bears. I'm with you, though, it's STUPID hot outside.

I have different morning and afternoon coffee too. I like it black in the morning and dressed up (a la caramel macchiatto coffee mate) in the afternoon.

Stephanie Jordan said...

Is it always this stupid hot? I really, really don't think so but can't remember for sure.

We are two peas in a pod, Misti. We would have made excellent college roommates.

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Ha! Hilarious post. I've been hearing about the heatwaves in Louisiana, so I'm excited for you and the A/C unit. It doesn't look like an A/C unit! Had to laugh when I read about the coffee stipulations. Hilarious!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Meryl, how hot does it get in Budapest? I'm sure you miss the sticky, hot South.