Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Night of Mystery

This past weekend, my husband took me to dinner at Noble Savage. And unbeknownst to us, he also took me to prom.

My wine was served in these 2010 prom souvenir glasses all night. Loved it. And then I kicked my leg up and made out with my husband against a downtown street light. Not really. But you can understand my overwhelming desire to do so.

Also, why do they give teenagers souvenir wine glass when they can't legally drink? You can fill a wine glass with M&Ms all day long, but it's still a wine glass.

We've eaten at Noble Savage several times. It's an eclectic place with sensational food. Each week, the chef prepares a variety of special dishes beyond what's on the standard menu. Specials include red meat, wild game, white meat, fish and sandwich options. I've never actually ordered off the standard menu because the specials are hands down the way to go.

Friday night, I went with the white meat, which was chicken cordon bleu. The chef stuffed the chicken with prosciutto (personal fav) and smoked gouda. Hold on to your souvenir wine glass because this is by far the best chicken I've ever had.

It's Tuesday and I can't get that chicken out of my head.

I may have the white meat version of Mad Cow.

What a sad way for our prom Friday night to end.

Update: Today's Living Social deal is for half price on food and drinks at Noble Savage. It's a perfect opportunity to try Noble Savage if you haven't been!


melissa said...

Since my bff works for Living Social I have some wonderful "insider" information... Noble Savage is running this week with them. I am so pumped! It's one of our favorite places! I hope when we go I get a prom wine glass! Classy.

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Ha! Hilarious! Trying to remember what our senior prom theme was now. Undoubtedly it was something on par with "Night of Mystery". You need to get the recipe for this proscuitto / gouda stuffed chick. That sounds delicious.