Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

We had an unintentionally exciting weekend. You just can't plan for everything. Although, I do try my very best. We had some good and bad surprises over the past several days.

We came home from a baptism Saturday to find this burst water main waiting at the foot of our driveway. As we drove up our street toward the house, we could see water flowing, coming from the direction of our home. That's when we got that sickening feeling in our stomachs.

Doesn't my shadow look frustrated? Water poured and poured out of our yard for hours. When one hour became six hours, I lost hope that any city workers would be arriving at our house that day. You could hear rocks and debris rushing under the concrete slab. I was sure it was going to collapse. The neighborhood kids did enjoy playing in the cool, free stream of water.

I woke up Sunday morning and walked out back to see the river covering our street. It sounds so peaceful and relaxing, like a babbling brook. However, relaxation quickly passes when you remember this is pouring out of your yard. And as a result, you have no water pressure. And can't wash your hair, dishes or clothes.

As of this morning, Ty said the city workers had arrived. Two days after the water started spilling out of our yard. I'm nervous about what awaits me at home. Part of my driveway demolished? A gigantic mud hole? No running water in the house?

After such an exciting afternoon, we decided we would spend our Saturday evening at home. We really needed to be home in case any city workers came by so we could show them where our sprinkler lines and supply lines are located. And by we, I mean Ty. We agreed we would rent a movie, order a pizza and stay in.

We thought Arthur looked funny. And then Direct TV tried to charge us $29.99 for the rental. Completely absurd! So, we watched Red Riding Hood instead and more or less hated it. I still remain a devotee of Amanda Seyfried.

As a result of our water problem, we had to skip church Sunday. But that afternoon, once we'd resolved that no one was coming to fix our water problem, we went to Querbes to watch my little brother, Taylor, compete in the City Amateur Golf Championship.

{Douglas Collier/The Times}

Taylor won last year's tournament and was playing in the final round that afternoon.

 {Douglas Collier/The Times}

There were a lot of our family members there. My parents, grandparents, brother and sister-in-law, aunt and uncle and other close friends. ... we were a fleet of white golf carts. It was a fun (and hot) way for us to spend Father's Day together.

It was especially fun to watch since Taylor won!

I gave my dad some steaks ... but I'm pretty sure my gift doesn't compare.

We took a family photo with our champ. I'm still not sure how Taylor managed to play two rounds of golf ... in 100 degree weather ... wearing a black shirt.

Proud siblings. Here's Taylor's interview with one of the local news stations.

Today, I thought life had returned to being somewhat normal. And then my husband sent me this picture.

The fence to our backyard was pulled up to be replaced this week. It needed to be done, but I'm pretty sure it looks like a natural disaster has struck our house.

More photos to come tomorrow.

I'm nervous.


Ashley Netherton said...

uhm, $29.99 for a rental at home ?!! Holy cow! What a rip off !! SO sorry about the water leak, i'm sure it's going to be a joy to deal with for weeks!! It was a HOT but fun Fathers day at Querbes wasn't it ?!! I bet they made a mint off of our cart rentals!

Stephanie Jordan said...

I name dropped that Taylor was my brother and got my cart for free.

Ashley Netherton said...

NO YOU DID NOT ?? I'm protesting, we did too, but no freebies for us, I knew I should've done the talking instead of Chris!

Stephanie Jordan said...

He told me it was going to be $12 and said that the round was almost over. I knew they were on 12 with several more holes to play and said it didn't matter, Taylor was my brother and I would pay. Then the phone rang and he just gave me a key. JACKPOT!