Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cheese, Two Ways

Ty and I met The Guletts for dinner last night at Tacomania, where I proceeded to order this.

Holy freaking cow ... I love the Queso Asada Billy! This is by far my favorite guilty pleasure in the entire world. It's half fajita meat and vegetables, and half a sizzling plate of molten, melted, salty, gooey, heaven-in-your-mouth cheese.

Clint did have one question about my order, "Why do you get the chicken? The beef is so much better."

I explained that I knew he was right, but I felt like I was doing my body a favor by ordering the healthier option of chicken. Stick with me and you'll be able to justify just about anything to yourself. I can always find excuses for cheese.

So after dinner, we went home and caught an episode of "Million Dollar Decorators" on Bravo. We'd never seen the show before and were blown away by some of the homes and their over-the-top decor. These people have some serious cheese of their own.

One designer used a hand-woven leather fabric that cost $500 a yard. Insane.

In that same home, the furniture alone cost $3 million. Excessive.

In another home, the renovation and furnishings for a roughly 10x10 outdoor space cost $100,000. Stupid.

I told Ty I would like to call one of these decorators and ask them to finish up my dining room for about $5,000. I'm sure they would tell me it couldn't be done.

Here's my philosophy. There's nothing really that impressive about a decorator's finished product when they're working with such an inflated budget. Of course, the spaces are beautiful. But with that price tag, I'm sure I could create an equally impressive room. When price is no object, it seems easy to me.

I'm far more impressed with people who find affordable home decor and make it look like it cost a million bucks. Is it just me?


Kristen said...

Amen sister! The hunt for the bargain is way more rewarding in my opinion! Shoot, my week is made when I get complimented on something I'm wearing that was $19.99 from Target! It's so rewarding! And love the question from Clint...I automatically read it with his voice in my mind...

Mandy S said...

10 x 10 space for $100,000 seems totally reasonable, right?! really?! i was tempted to DVR that show, but actually forgot. glad i got the cliff notes version from you!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Mandy, I think we'll be watching that show again. It was sooo interesting, although it did make my stomach church ever so slightly. I can't watch too many home decor shows. They make me anxious.

Kristen, I'm always impressed with cute outfits from Target. I never seem to have the same luck, but I do buy most of my clothes on sale. You can't really feel guilty about the purchase when you got a great deal!