Friday, June 3, 2011

Ty's Fun iPhone Pics

I may not be the best at taking pictures, but since Ty got his iPhone, he's been snapping enough pictures for the both of us. I'm so proud. I was recently perusing his camera and found a treasure trove of fun pictures to share. Enjoy the gallery ... considering my inability to use a camera, it'll probably be a while before you see another photo post.

{This was my niece, Ruby Belle, during her first Easter Egg Hunt. It was a big weekend for RB. She experienced her first jump house and her first egg hunt. Now I know two things that will bring this normally reserved little girl out of her shell!}

{Ty's dad gave us this "vintage" John Deere riding lawnmower and challenged Ty that he couldn't have it fixed the same day. This picture was proof that she was up and running. I kind of like having this ol gal to mow the yard.}

{LJ and Chris solving the worlds problems over dinner. Does this make anyone else nervous?}

{Ordering a pizza or dialing the secret service from the car phone mounted in the back of the limo. I can't remember what I was pretending to do, but it brought back fond memories of my old car phone.}

{Marcus finding something really funny.}

{Limo riding after the Mabry House. My brother Chris is not as intoxicated as he looks, he just likes to make that face in pictures sometimes. I'm not really sure. I have no excuse for Clint, and wouldn't you know, Ashley's always got her game face on!}

{Umm. ... We'd had about 9 glasses of wine.}

{My hubby cruising us around Lake Greeson. I asked him to wear his cute swimsuit this day, so I'm glad I got a picture of it. Cutie Patootie.}

{Our sunset cruise on Lake Greeson. This picture reminds me of a certain Jason Aldean song that we must have listened to at least a zillion times.}

{Me, a Blue Yummy and Ashley's legs enjoying our sunset cruise. Note the adorable personalized koozies made especially for our trip. Thanks, Ash!}

My summer has officially started!


Ashley Netherton said...

This may be my favorite post in a REALLY LONG TIME!! I love so much about it !!! Fun times!!