Thursday, June 16, 2011

Can Someone Give Me a Hand? Or Two?

After an incredibly horrible day yesterday, I did myself the favor of going to the liquor store. $85 later, I was on my way home with only one bottle of wine and an assortment of goodies. Ty teased that only I could go to the liquor store and come home with more food than beverages. It was a moment of weakness. And as a result of my emotional vulnerability, I came home with two blocks of cheese, prosciutto, a sleeve of crackers, two different appetizers (for a party I'm attending Monday), and some blueberry sweet rolls for breakfast Saturday morning.

Some women shop for clothes when they're feeling down, I shop for cheese. ... and all is right in the world.

I did share some of my cheese board with Ty. Then I ate some Captain Crunch for dinner and went to bed. I'm feeling much better today.

Now, on to the next topic and problem I would like to discuss for today.

Since I turned 30 a little over a month ago, I've started to notice some physical changes. Of course, there's the reality that cantaloupe never affected me the way it does now, but I've started to notice a more severe problem -- the emergence of old lady hands.

I was so disturbed, I had to call my sister-in-law to see if she'd noticed my hands looking particularly old lately. She was thrilled I had called and shared this revelation with her because she too was feeling her hands looked old.

Then we exchanged pictures via text.

{Ashley's hand.}

{Steph's hand.}

I know, you've never seen saggier knuckles on a 30 year old.

That same night, Ashley decided she was going to combat her old lady hands by covering them in Vaseline Petroleum Jelly before going to sleep. 

I couldn't do it because I kept thinking, "The only thing worse than a 30-year-old with paper-thin wrinkly hands is a 30-year-old with paper-thin wrinkly hands and acne."

I just think this would give me acne.

Oh well, I guess I'll follow up this post next week when my liver spots begin to appear.


Ashley Netherton said...

STEPHANIE ANN! I'm going to beat you !! But, at least my hands will look good... i'm sending new pic..actually two..

Stephanie Jordan said...

What? I told you I was going to write this!!