Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back in the Saddle

For my entire life, there's been one thing I've known for certain about myself.

I was meant to be a writer.

It wasn't ever something I had to debate, and more or less, it just poured out of me. I have journals dating back to elementary school. Once the conditions aren't so dry around here, I'm going to torch those before my husband can read them. 

I was on the yearbook staff in high school. I majored in Journalism and minored in English in college. My path was set, and I figured the decision to write would always be an easy one.

I got a job at the newspaper, where I worked for roughly four years. Starting out doing page design, which eventually lead to my post as the Entertainment Editor and columnist for the Friday Preview section. Loved it. I may always consider that the best job I ever had.

I moved on to become the editor of a local magazine. And about the same time, I began to question if the thing I loved, the one thing I thought was for certain, was still right for me. Could I sustain a career in one geographic location for the remainder of my working life ... in an industry that was drying up before my eyes.

So, I let it go. And never have I regretted it. A lot of people didn't understand. It was how people identified me. They felt I'd given up on my dream.

I started working in marketing. It allowed me to apply my skill set and challenged me on new levels. And it paid better than my days as a "starving artist." I'd found the best of both world!

But inevitably, writing about concrete isn't as exciting as the topics of my previous gigs, and I was craving another outlet. This blog has been just that for me. It's the place I can ramble, post recipes, share my home makeovers, occasionally raise an eyebrow with deep thoughts.

Even still, I miss print. That's the print journalist surfacing in me! Can't help myself! So ... that makes me especially excited to share some news with you all.

I'll be back in ink in September as a lifestyles columnist for CityLife Magazine. I think that means I've officially written for every publication in this town!

I'm excited to have another avenue to write and express myself.

Journalist ... Marketer ... Blogger .... I wonder what'll they call me next!


Jenny Gulett said...


Stephanie Jordan said...

Couldn't resist that one, huh??

I'm still getting used to wife ... mama is a name we'll reserve for you right now!

judy pinnix said...

Talented!! Glad to see you back doing what you love.

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Congrats, Stephanie! That's great news. I'll have to get a subscription.

Laura said...

Jack of all trades, that's for sure! Perhaps one day you'll be called shop owner. ;) So happy that you are back writing in print! I always love reading anything you write.

Marcus said...

More Stelph articles? I'm in!!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Thanks for the sweet words, everyone! You've all be a big part of my life at one stage or the other, and I'm so grateful to still have your friendship and support!

Shop owner ... I do like the sound of that one!! Really, Shreveport needs a great bridal shop where people are friendly, and it's that girly, wonderful experience brides look forward to so much!!

Catherine said...

This is such great news!! I am SO excited for you! I cannot wait to read your columns.

Mandy S said...

shoo owner....oooh, fun! mama....funner! ;-)

congrats on the new gig!!! as all of the others above, i kinda stalk your blog cause i love to read your writings!

Lindsey said...

wonderful! I love reading your writing!