Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Things of Pinterest

I was absentmindedly surfing Pinterest at home last night when my husband looked over at what I was doing and said, "I don't really get what you like about that app."

I should have left him right then and there. But then I remembered I love him, so I took deep breaths and settled my anger by repetitively thinking "parents husbands just don't understand." Then I tried to explain how I've discovered a whole new world of possibility -- recipes, kitchens, baths, clothes, curtains, shoes, jewelry, DIY things that I will never actually D -- what's not to love?

He still didn't get it.

So, I pulled out the big guns. I told him that new pasta dish I make ... the one with the from-scratch cream sauce ... yeah that's the one ... your new favorite ... I found it on Pinterest ... so shut your penne pasta loving piehole.

I didn't really say it with such gusto, but I like to pretend I'm a tough Italian since I can make good sauce. I hear on Real Housewives of New Jersey that's the most important characteristic a woman can possess. Something to aspire to.

Here are some things that have been Pinteresting me lately:


{Some beautiful, clean elements I can incorporate}

{I'd love to see some fresh-from-the-oilfield boots in this bathroom.}


{I love the reclaimed wood floors and the island in a different finish. I would subscribe to the newspaper if I could read it sitting here.}

{My favorite house from Southern Living. Can you believe this is new construction? This is how everyone should build. New that looks old.}

Laundry Room.

{This would be a great way to hide my washer and dryer since they share a space with my half bath. Ty will also appreciate us not having to buy those $500 drawers that serve little to no purpose}


{I really liked this photo for a Christmas card with the tag line "Married and Bright" ... or just "Merry and Bright" if you're less cheesy than me. Ty says: "Do I look like the kind of guy who will do that." My response: "No, but it's fun to pretend."}

{I'm thinking these North Pole Cupcakes are going to get us back in the good graces of our neighbor since our minor fallout regarding the duration of Ty's 30th birthday.}


{And finally, the pasta that started it all. The justification to my new obsession. Baked Penne with Chicken and Sun-Dried Tomatoes. Try it immediately.}

{It can be 100 degrees outside and I still fantasize about soup.}

I've seen several of you lurking around on Pinterest. Can't wait to see what you've been loving lately!


Cynthia said...

Totally agree! New that looks old is definitely the way people should build homes! :-) Beautiful pics, too!

Erinn and Trey said...

That soup looks fab. Also love that laundry room. I think I would like laundry if I could hang out in a room like that.

Stephanie Jordan said...

Cindy, it's unfortunate, but I'm in the other boat ... I've got old that I need to make look new! But if I could start from the ground up, that picture is what I would do.

Erin, it's supposedly a low-cal lasagna soup. I'm going to have to try it come fall!

Ashley Netherton said...

Love this post !!!
i'm obsessed with Pinterest too..
I'd love to take a bath in that 1st bathroom,
I'll take that Christmast Card pic with you!!!
that food looks amazing..

Stephanie Jordan said...

I always love stand alone tubs with a window view ... but then I imagine my neighbor (not the one I need to give cupcakes to) popping up in the window to say hello and I have second thoughts.

That pasta is divine. Very similar to Macaroni Grill's Penne Rustica. Can't wait to make that soup!! I can't wait to cuddle on the couch in sweats, watch a movie/football game/real housewives and eat lasagna soup or chili or anything warm and delightful.