Friday, August 19, 2011

Fabric for Dining Room Chairs

Around six months ago, Ty and I killed the green wallpaper in our dining room (Hallelujah Chorus ... in unison everyone), and repainted it a golden beige with an orange ceiling. I adore it.

This picture is a little blurry, but I thought you would like to see the look Lacy is giving me. She looks at me like this every morning as if to say, "Are you going to feed me or what?" I live to be her servant.

Here we go. This one is a little clearer.

It was a drastic makeover that changed the feel of our dining room from cave-like to warm and inviting. And since then, I've been scavenging and hording fabric swatches for curtain panels and dining room chairs. ... the ones we're using have got to go! I've got fabric coming out the wazoo (wherever that is), but I've found some treasures that meet my criteria.

1. I want curtain panels to be patterned but the same color as the wall. This will add some interest to the room, while keeping the focus on the lovely ceiling.

2. I want chairs to be comfortable, plush and bring in some new interest and color for the eye.

3. I'm still looking for a square rug ... suggestions are welcome!

So, I've set my heart on this fabric for curtain panels. The color matches the walls perfectly, and I think the pattern adds the drama I'm looking for. It's delightful when you have something in mind and then actually find it!

But when it comes to fabric for dining room chairs, I've become non-committal even though I have a fabric I think I like above the others. Your help is necessary!! I'm going to share my top four choices (in order of preference) and hear what you have to say. I'll show you what the fabric looks like on the chairs and the actual fabric swatch because they can look drastically different.

1st Choice - Augustine Amber

I really love this fabric. It has a beautiful warm orange that will play well off the ceiling and I love the additional green this fabric would bring in. I wouldn't say I'm a huge floral person, but this one has the power to persuade! Even though the fabric is a lighter cream color, I don't worry about it too much since they will be washable slipcovers.

2nd Choice -Tuscan Vine

 I really like this fabric, too. But I worry that it would be way too much beige when it all came together. It's a little heavier look than I like.

3rd Choice - Palomar Sand

I have three images for this one, and truthfully, I don't know if this fabric is even available.

The swatch on the web site.

The swatch delivered to me.

The pattern in a different color.

I like this fabric, if it's even available, but it's not really bringing in any color ... just more beige.

4th Choice - Anya Chocolate

I like this one on its own ... but for my dining room chairs, it doesn't blow my skirt up. It might be too dark and a little uninteresting.

Thanks gals for your votes and help! It's like trying to decide on a restaurant on Friday night, you know where you want to go but you need some affirmation!


Ashley Netherton said...

My vote is for Augustine Amber! It has a little bit of everything you want and I think it will tie it all together perfect!!

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Glad you made it out of prison! I like your first choice with your drape swatch. Please share pics of final product!

Laura said...

I vote option one! I love that green and blue. It ties in nicely with the blue in your living room.

Stephanie Jordan said...

Laura Jo ... there is not a spot of blue on that fabric swatch!! I think you're projecting your love of blue onto my fabric! Ha!

Marcus said...

Definitely the blue one... lol

Stephanie Jordan said...

Marcus, when your comment popped up in my e-mail, I literally laughed out loud! What are we going to do with that wife of yours!

Mandy S said...

love #1! and i'm not a decision maker! and i love the drape fabric!

Laura said...

Well excuse me and my sudden case of color blindness! I am rather fond of the color blue. ;)

Stephanie Jordan said...

A decision has been made ... thanks to the support of you lovelies! Six chairs have been ordered in fabric choice no. 1, and everything should be delivered by OCTOBER.

Good things come to those who wait, right?

Thanks everyone, even my best friend who thought they were blue!