Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pictures from the Past

This past Sunday, we went to my in-laws house for lunch after church, and after we finished eating, Ty's mom Margaret pulled out some old pictures of Ty and Mandy from when they were kids and into their teenage years.

If you know my in-laws, then I'm not spilling any secrets here, but in most of Ty and Mandy's childhood pictures, they're wearing swimsuits. And for Ty, this meant a speedo. He wore a speedo everywhere.

Riding his bike.

To the beach.


The next time I visit my in-laws house, I'm going to borrow the best picture of all so that I can share it with you. Ty and Mandy always took an annual swim team photo together. The same picture year after year. But one particular year, you can clearly distinguish bite marks on Ty's inner thigh ... placed there by Mandy.

I asked Mandy how she could possibly have bitten Ty. He was just so darn cute! I guess he didn't always act as sweet as he looked.

But he was super cute as a kid. I'm hoping Baby Jordan has the same white blond hair and freckly face. I will be putty in this child's hands.

I cannot handle this sweet, cute face!


Ashley Netherton said...

They have not changed at all! How funny! From what I can tell by knowing his parents, I think baby Jordan will have lots of putty in his hands!

Stephanie Jordan said...

We'll see if anyone can upset the reigning queen, Ruby Belle! She has some special powers over her Pop (Butch)!

I bet the Netherton family won't be any different. After all, my dad is the baby whisperer!

Ashley Netherton said...

Ha! I know all the grandparents will be putty! I'm talking about BABY Jordan's parents being putty!!

Mandy S said...

um, really, he was cute, but this becomes about me when you post a serious camel toe pic! lovely! ;-)

and Ruby Belle is definitely going to have some competition w/Baby Jordan!! one day Ruby Belle will be a teenager or a mean 5th grader or awkward 6th grader...I'm sure all babies will get their chance!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Oh, duh, sorry I wasn't following ... yes, we will probably all be putty! Even us parents!

Mandy, I had to go back and look at the pictures to even know what you were talking about ... but then I laughed hysterically!

RB will probably be one of those kids who never has an awkward stage. Although, I do wonder, does any kid escape that?