Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Starting the Nursery

I'm not quite brave enough to post a current picture of my guest bedroom. I shouldn't be that embarrassed. I've already showed off my Pepto pink bathroom and my forest green kitchen. I should have lost all sense of pride at this point. Would my LSU-themed (I didn't do this, for the record) bedroom be the worst thing I could share?

Maybe tomorrow I will muster the courage.

Here's the thing. When we bought our house two years ago, we knew certain areas would be works in progress, but we loved her anyway despite her pink bathroom and green kitchen. Those things can change, but "good bones" and charming architecture are the things that woo you.

We put the guest bedroom on our "one day" project list. Like the "one day" in the future that we would convert the room to a nursery. Here we are two years later and "one day" is now.

The room is a complete overhaul. New carpet. New paint. New furniture. New ceiling fan ... this is not up for debate no matter what my husband thinks.

When I start a new room, it always takes one thing or piece to inspire my creativity. For our nursery, that piece was this dresser.

I love the idea of this lively emerald dresser being the show piece to Tilly's nursery. I saw it on a blog and immediately contacted the seller on Etsy. The dresser had not sold and the seller was working up a freight price for me. I waited a few days and contacted the seller again, only to find out that as I was waiting, my dresser had been sold to someone else.

My dresser was gone, taking my nursery inspiration with it.

I sulked for a while. My husband couldn't believe the profound impact one green dresser could have on me. I mean, it's a dresser. But it was all I had figured out for the room, and it was gone. And I was back to scratch.

But if I've learned anything it's to just ask. When I wanted to paint my dining room the same color as the rooms at the Driskill Hotel in Austin, I just called and asked them what paint color they used, despite feeling a little crazy for doing it. And they were happy to help, as most people are.

So, over the past few weeks, I've stayed in contact with the seller from Etsy. And recently, she stumbled upon this dresser at an estate sale that's almost the exact same size and dimensions as the original green dresser that I loved so much.

The pictures are a little blurry.

It's almost a perfect match to the one I first saw, but once this one is painted, it'll be all mine! With the original hardware still in good shape, this piece might even be a little better than the original.

Here goes, let the nursery decorating begin!