Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Project People and Other Midweek Observations

New Girl.

Have any of you been watching the series on Fox, "New Girl"? The show features possibly the cutest, most adorable human being to ever walk this earth, Zooey Deschanel.

I love her. If I met her I would be tempted to pinch her cheek because she's that adorable. And I secretly think we should be best friends. I'm sure most people feel that way about her. It probably would not work out because I secretly envy her bangs.

When I had bangs, like full-blown real bangs, they looked like this.

Not like this.

Anyway, "New Girl" is the new favorite show in our household. Even better than "Modern Family." There, I said it. I went to bed last night with a headache from laughing so hard at this show. Ty and I rewatched this one scene five times before I was ready to move on. You will enjoy this, please watch.

Pool Ball Sweater.

There's been a longstanding disagreement within my family that my dad once owned a sweater with pool balls all over it. This picture was recently discovered ... and the proof is in the pudding.

What else could those be but pool balls? Sorry, dad.


I think there's something about pregnancy that makes you do strange things. Dreams, for one, are weird. In one week's time, I dreamed that I was running away with a Middle Eastern prince that I met flying in coach. What prince flys coach? Then I was an accomplice to the murder of a school janitor.

The other weird thing I'm experiencing is an uncanny desire to cut my hair. Something I've not wanted to do in about 10 years. But I think this cut is really cute.

I'm only kidding myself and would end up crying about it in the end. Considering my hair's texture and mass, I would look more like a cotton swab.

Project People.

My brother, Chris, and his wife, Ashley, are all set to move into their new house this weekend. I'm excited for them and know they can't wait to be in their new home. This has kicked Ashley into project mode, and this past weekend (instead of watching the Super Bowl ... gasp) she refinished this beverage cart for her breakfast nook.

Here's a before look.

The work in progress. Her nephew Jacob likes to work on projects just like his dad!

The finished product.

I love to see cool pieces of furniture find new life!

My stepmom, Amy, has also been feeling inspired. For years, they've had a beautiful roll top desk in their office. But lately, Amy's been wanting a smaller desk to free up some space. She found this piece already refinished at a local antique store.

But the chair left something to be desired.

Sofie does not appear to be a fan of the pinkish/mauve seat. Amy switched out the fabric with this cute baby cheetah print, which completely changed the look of the chair.

I did have one question, though. Is that really what baby cheetah's look like? Those spots are so little! Maybe she'll grow into them one day.


Mandy S said...

dreams, hair cut dreams...all a part of pregnancy!! ha! isn't it fun?!

and NO ONE does bangs better than Zooey!!! she is the reason everyone thinks they can look good w/bangs, too!! really, though, your hair is cute w/bangs. some people just can't do it, but you can!

I love to see those inspiring projects!!! I'm working on one myself!! a painting...i'm just not as good as my mom!! she may have to bail me out of this one!

Stephanie Jordan said...

I can't keep up with the Jordan women! You're all so talented when it comes to painting! No one told me that before we went to Painting with a Twist! I can't wait to see your artwork!