Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tilly Ann Jordan

I originally thought when Ty and I found out our baby's gender that we would spend the next several hours on the phone calling everyone we know. And I was 100 percent OK with that. Something so special can't be trumped.

But then my friend LJ said her mom, Mrs. Lesa, offered to make a gender reveal cake, and we could invite all of our family over and tell them all at once. If you've ever had Mrs. Lesa's cake then you understand this is an impossible proposition to resist. Of course, there were a few stipulations.
  1. Ty and I still got to find out. There would be no secret envelopes and further waiting on our part. Sixteen weeks was long enough!
  2. I got to tell someone before the party. Someone being LJ so she could convey the cake color to Mrs. Lesa. Although, my dad wasn't happy that someone got to know before him!
My sister-in-law, Ashley, thought it would be fun to have everyone dress in blue or pink to indicate their gender guess. When everyone arrived at our house, I was surprised by the results. Out of roughly 20 people, only four were wearing pink. I hoped everyone would be OK with being wrong, but hopefully not disappointed.

We all ate dinner, and then gathered around the dining room table to finally cut the cake. Since this is my dad's first grandchild, we let him do the honor of cutting the cake ... even though he was wearing blue. It was so fun to watch everyone's surprised faces when my dad pulled out the first slice of cake and it was pink!

Judging by the look on his face, I think my brother was in shock!

We took out the ultrasound pictures to show everyone our little girl.

Then we had another surprise in store. Not only did we have a gender, we already had her name picked out! We let Ty's mom open this surprise.

Here's a closer look at her first monogrammed outfit.

Ty had picked up the outfit (and quick monogramming job) that afternoon and sent me this picture. I asked him, "Did it melt your heart just a little bit?"

His reply: "Can't lie. Just a little bit."

A lot of people have asked us where we got the name Tilly. It's more popular in other countries as a shortened Matilda. But we love Tilly because it's what we called my great uncle, who's full name was Tillman.

We have lots of Anns, too. It's my middle name, as well as my aunt Robbie's and Ty's mom's. Ty and I are suckers for family names. Well, some of them. I don't think I'll be naming a little boy Orville anytime soon!

At the end of the night, everyone left surprised and happy!

Especially these two little girls, Lila and Molly. Ty and Walt's duck blind will soon be overrun with these little hunting partners.

I don't think anyone could have been happier than the four grandparents.

It was such a fun, special night! I'm so glad Tilly will be surrounded by such loving friends and family who are excited to celebrate all of life's moments with her.


Lesa said...

1) Oh flatter me!
2) I love the cake-cutting pic!
3) Those little twin girls are adorable...Laura kept telling me.
4) I want your arched doorway seen in one of the pics.
5) Congratulations to all the grandparents! Nothing tops having grandbabies.
6) What a fun post! Loved it!

Stephanie Jordan said...

It was such a good surprise and I'm glad LJ got that picture. It's priceless!

It was a fun get together. Thank you for the adorable and delicious cake. You're the best! said...

Absolutely adorable! Big congratulations to you! :-)

Nicole Spikes said...

Congrats Stephanie! Love the name. Got a confirmation today that we are having a girl also. Cannot wait to meet your little one.

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

What a fun way to celebrate!! Again, great name!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Nicole, I'm so happy you guys are having a girl! After two little boys, it will be so fun for you! Congratulations!

Amy said...

I should have gone with my first decision....I can't wait to meet Tilly Ann. You are going to be GREAT parents!

Mandy S said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! what a great party...and really?! I must have missed the part where Mrs. Lesa made that cake!!! it WAS AMAZING!!! I thought for sure it was from some high end bakery!

I am SO excited for y'all!...and am still wrapping my head around a baby girl!!! i don't know why, but I was so sure it was a boy! ha!! Tilly Ann WILL melt your hearts every day!!! they are so special!

Journie said...

Congrats!! What a fun idea to reveal the sex.

And I love the outfit. :-)