Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hot diggity dog

I'm working on a story this month about relationships. My goal is to remove the mystery of healthy relationships. To many of us the concept seems impossible, but I've met some interesting couples with great stories to tell. 

I'm talking to everyone from newlyweds to a couple of 70-plus years, and today I met with the Lewis'. David and Ruth will celebrate their 50th anniversary in April, and their joy and happiness is apparent. 

I asked the pair about how their relationship has changed over the years, and to my surprise it boiled down to hot dogs. 

Every week, as far back as they can remember, the Lewis' have had "hot dog night." As Mrs. Ruth will tell you, "It's just something we always did." After 40 years of hot dog nights, David had reached his boiling point, "I hate hot dogs," he blurted out to Ruth's surprise. "Hot dogs are good — every now and then — but once a week is too much."

The couple laughs about it now. "It took him 40 years to tell me he didn't like hot dogs," Ruth said, shaking her head. 

It's nice to know that after so many years, this sweet couple is still enjoying the everyday adventures relationships can bring.