Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My brother and me

Over the holidays, my grandmother pulled out an envelope stuffed to the gills with photos from my childhood. I'd never seen most of the pictures before, so it was a real treat. 

My brother and I are just 14 months apart in age. As you can imagine, that can be both good and bad. I always had someone to play with, but I didn't always want that someone to be my brother. 

There were about 15 pictures total, but a few of these have become favorites.  They're such sweet reminders of my childhood. In the picture below, Chris and I are likely being forced to hug. It looks forced. 

The surroundings bring back wonderful memories. The picture was taken at my MeMaw and PaPaw's house in Camden, Ark. On winter nights, we would roll out our sleeping bags on the driveway and watch for shooting stars. We would also sit on the driveway, while my mom stood in the grass and twirled fire. Not kidding, we were definitely the only kids whose mom could do such a thing.

This next picture is another favorite. It was taken the one year we were at my Nana and Big Mick's for Christmas morning. Our house was in the process of being built, so we were camped out at my grandparents' house for a few months. 

Chris is holding tightly to two He-Man figurines, while I'm petting my Care Bear with my feet barely hanging over the edge of the couch. It's amazing that my brother can still remember the name of the He-Man castle on the ground. I guess some of the best memories have a way of sticking with you. 


Bloggy Todd said...

It's Castle Greyskull!!! I had one too! Haha!!

Ashley Netherton said...

I can not tell you why, but I cried when i read this, it's not as if I've never seen these before, but it's just so sweet. I love y'alls precious innocent faces in each one of these !!

Stephanie Netherton said...

We do look pretty darn sweet. Fortunately, no one feels like pulling out a camera when you're being bad!