Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sick of being sick

I hate being sick. That's no grand statement, I think all of us hate being sick. When I'm struck with illness, it affects my entire mood. And unfortunately, I'm no stranger to sickness. 

I've been waiting for this to happen. Everyone else has been getting sick and without my weekly allergy treatment (my health insurance just kicked in), I've been an open target. So, it came as no surprise when I woke up in the middle of Thursday night with my throat practically swollen shut. However, I pressed on and went to work Friday. 

My guy and I had a date planned for Saturday night. We were going to my favorite restaurant and to see a movie — in celebration of the close of duck hunting season (at least on my end). We enjoyed a fantastic dinner at Olive Street Bistro, but toward the end I was fading. 

"Umm ... I know we're supposed to go see a movie, but I really just want to go home and put my sweat pants back on. Is that OK?" 

We couldn't make it home fast enough. The sweats were on immediately. We popped in a movie, and I think I fell asleep before we were halfway through. 

Typically, there's a lot of activity in my day-to-day life, so when I need to give my body rest, it's a struggle of my will. I don't want to sit still, and sitting still for too long makes me stir crazy even though I'm not up for much else physically. 

I worked only a few hours Monday and didn't work at all Tuesday. By last night, I was sick of being home and sick of being sick. 

Food still doesn't taste quite right. My head feels swampy and heavy. My eyes burn as if my eyelids have been taped open for hours. But surprisingly enough, those are the symptoms of feeling better.