Friday, January 30, 2009

I'd Rather Be Running

About six months ago, I started running and even to my own surprise, I loved it. I would strap my iPod to my arm and run through South Highlands for a little more than an hour a couple times a week. 

I think my love for it was born out of grief. I couldn't change my circumstances, so I was left to deal with where my choices had left me. While I disliked where I was in life, I could put my feet in motion and feel some relief. So, I ran. And I ran hard. I could push myself to the brink of tears, and when I was done, miraculously, my load felt lighter.  

A lot has changed in six months. I would say that I've found deep-rooted and sincere happiness. Unfortunately, with that my feet stopped moving. Rather than wanting to run away, I want to smother myself in the joys of day-to-day. 

Of course, several other factors stopped me dead in my tracks. We've had a few months of cruddy winter weather. That lung-burning feeling reminds me of first hour gym at Byrd High School, neither of which I enjoyed. Second, the holidays were busier than usual. Third, I had stitches for two weeks. Fourth, I've had the world's worst sinus infection for more than a week now.

It feels like it's always something, and soon enough I hope those somethings stop so my feet can start. I can't wait to start running toward something rather than away.