Monday, January 19, 2009

Love, marriage and guacamole

My roommate and I have a tradition of reading the weddings and engagements in the Sunday paper. Between the two of us, there's usually someone to read about that we know. For the males reading this, I can't explain it other than to say it's just something we gals like to do. 

This past Sunday morning, Catherine and I read an engagement announcement that brought on tears of laughter and jaw-dropping shock. Could this couple be serious? 

In case you missed it, let me be the first to share. Guys, I promise it is worth reading. It's likely to be the first and last time guacamole will be mentioned in an engagement announcement. 

Emily Erin Goodin and David Michael Castille, both of Baton Rouge, are engaged to be married January 30, 2009, at the Terrell House in New Orleans.

Emily attended Caddo Parish Magnet High School and graduated from LSU. She currently works as a manager at Ann Taylor Loft, where David believes she spends too much money. 

David attended Baton Rouge Magnet High School. He is a graduate of Centenary College and earned his MBA at LSU. David currently works for the Louisiana Department of Economic Development as the assistant director of State Economic Competitiveness Group, where Emily believes he makes posters and does math all day. 

The couple was introduced by their good mutual friend, Shreveport celebrity Jeff Everson in mid 2006. David was immediately smitten with Emily — she was cynical and unemployed. Emily liked how David wore suits to work everyday and did not let her boss him around too much, which was a mistake scores before him had made. He also made her guacamole all the time. Love ensued and David proposed June 20, 2008. 

Although the two are having a private ceremony in New Orleans, they hope their friends will not forget to give them presents. 

They will honeymoon in Anguilla and St. Martin/St Maarten in May. 


Ashley Netherton said...

I read it.. loved it.. laughed, and laughed.. I'd love to meet these two !!

Stephanie Netherton said...

I know! If this was the announcement, I wonder what the wedding will be like. Did you notice her T-shirt?

Mandy S said...

I love it!! that's hilarious! i actually know Emily (not super well) and her friend, Jeff, who set them up and they are both just like that! sounds perfect...but i still can't believe that someone actually wrote that to be published!

oh, by the way, i added you to my links on my blog...hope you don't mind! i really enjoyed reading yours!

Emily Goodin said...

Emily Goodin here. David and I have been thrilled with the sensation our announcement has caused. So funny to see it turning up on blogs. Needless to say, Sunday morning my phone and email were overloaded with messages from friends.

I had to go back and forth with the Times over this announcement. We finally reached a compromise I was pretty happy with. When the editor first sent back the proof, she edited EVERYTHING out of it and basically left the bare facts.

Anyway, glad you enjoyed the announcement!

Stephanie Netherton said...

Mandy S, thanks for adding me.

Emily, I think your announcement is the talk of the town. We talked about it in our Monday staff meeting, and my roommate said all the ladies were talking about it at her tennis match. The announcement is actually on my refrigerator for giggles. You guys are hilarious and I wish you the best. Just one question, will there be guacamole at the wedding?

Stephanie Netherton said...

Mandy, I didn't realize who you were until I clicked on your name! Hey girl! How are you?

Bloggy Todd said...

That is the best written announcement EVER!! Hahaha!!

Maybe tshirts made up?
I married him for his Guacamole

Mandy S. said...

hey! i'm good :) sorry you thought i was some radom girl chatting on your blog! Ha!
did my brother tell you the news?
loved reading your posts! so entertaining! how are you?

Emily Goodin said...

hahaa--no guacamole at the wedding!

man, i wish i was in shreveport to enjoy the celebrity. i wonder if i am an even bigger celebrity than jeff everson now!

i think the funniest reaction to the announcement occurred yesterday: a coworker told me the girls from the Shreveport Ann Taylor Loft called down to the Loft where I work here in BR--they were concerned I did not know about the announcement and was the victim of a prank! she assured them i knew about it because i had written it myself.

Stephanie Netherton said...

Mandy, your brother may have mentioned some very, very exciting news to me!

Emily, concerning the part where you said David didn't like how much money you spent at Ann Taylor Loft. What about the employee discount? I mean, you're practically losing money by not shopping. Right? That was always my justification when I worked at Abercrombie in college.

Emily Goodin said...

stephanie, i agree wholeheartedly. it would be a waste to NOT use my discount!

your blog is funny! i sent you a friend request on facebook--i blog on there a lot, in case you want to read some of them.