Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Nice Day for a White Wedding

WARNING: I'm about to inundate you with a series of wedding photos, so if you're not into that sort of thing you may want to check back in tomorrow. ... or the next day since this post will not include any reception photos and I'd like to share some of those, too.

We got our wedding photos in about two weeks ago. Our amazing, talented, pregnant and hard working photographer Melissa Breedlove sent them to us in a care package, which included a bible with Jordan Family stamped on the front, a blanket and a sweet note from Melissa. I then popped the DVD slideshow she created into our player and spent the next 20-something minutes wiping tears from my eyes so I could actually see the pictures as the slideshow played.

Our goal was a Southern chic wedding, and I think with a little vision and much, much work we pulled it off. I couldn't do the big church doors swinging open and the trumpet blasting "Trumpet Voluntary" while everyone rose to their feet. I'm jealous of girls who make this look easy. I could name a few dozen. So, Ty and I decided we would have a more laid back outdoor wedding with all the same elements of a big church wedding. And we decided to have a moment together before the wedding to calm our nerves. And by our nerves, I mean mine.

I walked out first and waited for Ty. Even though I was completely alone, with no one watching, this was the most nervous I felt all day. I was glad we knocked this first sighting out because I would have passed out or puked if I had to do this in front of 300 people.

Then Ty came out.

And then we got to take a deep breath, relax and enjoy each other for a few minutes. "So, how was your day?" is one of the first things I said to him. Old habit.

Then we took roughly a thousand pictures before guests started to arrive. And roughly 950 of them turned out to be absolute perfection. I attribute the 50 not so great ones to "my bad side."

I love this picture. My brother Chris is really cracking up about something. These guys are so handsome.

I don't think the guys liked picture time very much, but they're very good at it when they're not even trying.

Look at me and LJ rocking the skinny arm. It's all about creating optical illusions.   

It looks like Sarah and I are just now seeing each other for the first time when in actuality we'd been hanging out all day. Don't you love friends like that?

After the ceremony, we all gathered in the back hallway of the Country Store (where the ceremony was held) and did lots of hugging, laughing and high-fiving. These are some of my favorite moments from from the day. We have the most incredible group of friends.

And I love, love, love this picture. This is Ty's sister and mom, Mandy and Margaret, and I think they're identical. They even laugh alike.

Reception to come soon. Brace yourself.


melissa said...

So beautiful!!!

Ashley Netherton said...

Goregous pics! I love them every time I look at them!
Mrs Margaret & Mandy do look identical!!

Laura said...

Oh how I loved that day! I'll never forget it!

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Love these pics! Beautiful!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Thanks guys! Hill Country easily lends itself to beautiful photography! Thanks for looking and your sweet words!

Kristen said...

The wedding looked amazing. Wish that we could've been there!

Mandy S said...

LOVE the pics and the post!!! um, but i guess i skipped over that pic when i was looking at them...wow. i'm not sure i LOVE the pic of my mom and i, but it is pretty funny!! :)
it was a beautiful day and you did such a great job planning such an amazingly perfect wedding!!!