Monday, October 25, 2010

Two Ways To Define "Amazing"

The First Definition of the Word "Amazing"

When I look at this picture, I find a few things to be amazing. First, that Ty can so easily transition into costume when asked to be the live entertainment at a "White Trash Bash." Second, that all of the components of this outfit already existed in his wardrobe (the eagle necklace was purchased on the beach in Cabo after three days of price negotiations). Third, that I think he looks pretty cute ... all things considered.

The Second Definition of the Word "Amazing"

I can sum this definition up pretty quickly -- my Aunt Robbie.

I took off work early Friday to go to Elm Grove Middle School for my Aunt Robbie's retirement party. Robbie has been at Elm Grove since she started teaching and recently retired from her position as assistant principal. She's been a treasure to the Bossier school system. She has the heart of a servant, which has been evident in my life many, many times.

On my wedding day, I remember telling her that I didn't know how she managed to just make everything happen so seamlessly. I don't worry about things when Robbie's around, and she's always taken the best care of me. 

I couldn't have a better aunt, and I hope she enjoys retired life. I see lots of trips to Northwest Arkansas and many rounds of golf on the horizon!


Ashley Netherton said...

uhmm.. we need to talk about Ty & this party- apparently you left out the theme!

Great story on Aunt Robbie! I know they'll have a hard tiem trying to fill her big shoes!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Yes, the guys had to learn how to play Achy, Breaky Heart for this event.

I think they secretly loved it.

melissa said...

Awesome get up!

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Oh goodness, Billy Ray ain't got nothing on Ty. Congrats to your Aunt!