Friday, October 29, 2010

This Day Changes Everything

Today is a pretty big day for me. You see, all my life I've had this hair. This curly, frizzy somewhat unmanagable mop on my head. Thanks to new products and hair technology, it's become more managable over the years but that takes a considerable amount of time and effort. I'm going to confess something here. When I say "considerable," I mean roughly an hour to an hour and a half of hair fixing every other day.

I have a pool in my backyard that I rarely allow myself to swim in unless I was already planning to do my hair that day. Do you know the prision I'm living in? I feel a little vain spending all of that time on my hair, but life has really left me no other options. See for yourself:

This first look can only be pulled off between the ages of 2-3. I was kind of working the look. Thank God it was the 80s.

Here I am a few years later, sporting the same do while opening my Barbie Pony, Dallas, on my birthday. I consider this my first of many awkward stages. It's a little Farrah Fawcett in the front, Chuck Norris in the back (he used to have a mullet, if you'll remember).  

Throughout my developmental years, we really tried everything. This was an early attempt at straightening, and it looks like some hot rollers may have also been involve. Not too bad. It helps that my cousin Casey is wearing that hat, which is most likely what I was thinking when this picture was taken.

And then, in a moment of revelation, we thought that cutting my hair short would solve all of our problems. That didn't work out very well either.

But today, I'm breaking the chains of oppression, one strand at a time. Today, I'm getting a Brazilian Blowout. This will allow me to get out of the shower, wave a blow dryer over my hair and leave the house with the sleek, straight hair I work so hard for right now. I repeat, actually get ready and leave the house in about 30 minutes.

Ty and I aren't sure yet just how drastically this is going to change our lives, but we're both very excited. After I made my appointment, Ty embraced me and said, "I'm really, really happy for you" with 100 percent sincerity.

LJ said, "What are you going to do with all your spare time? Sleep? Read? Cook? Learn to shoot a pistol? Hell you'll have time for it all."

Lauren said, "This will be like the leap from the big barrel curling irons to Helen of Troy."

Beachy waves, here I come!


Ashley Netherton said...

So excited for you! I'm glad you're getting it done, I can't wait to do mine! Try to take pics during the process, and blog about it next week, after you get back to wedding pics, of course!
Good luck!

Mandy S said...

oohhh!!!! SO exciting!!! i can't wait to see and hear about it!!