Monday, November 1, 2010

This Weekend, I ...

I realize that I will have to further elaborate on the following bullet points in the days to come, but for now, here's the weekend recap. This weekend, I:

  1. Bought 8 yards of fabric to reupholster two chairs for Ty's office. My wedding gift to him was to decorate his office. So far, I've gotten him a new desk, two chairs and some fabric. We've still got a ways to go, but I feel as if I've accomplished something this weekend. Shopping for fabric is overwhelming! And thanks to Amanda for the fantastic sale at Milling Around. Go check it out, the sale lasts through Nov. 6.
  2. Managed to get Ty to agree to go to Lewis' with me and square away our registry. I thought Ty was going to blow a gasket when the guy told me in the rudest way possible that I needed an appointment for that. But then he helped us, and we left with all of our dinnerware and glassware ordered. And Ty is thrilled he'll never have to go back there ever again.
  3. Spent the rest of the day shopping, without buying anything ... yet.
  4. Dressed up as a California Raisin with my husband. I'm jealous of how great his legs look in tights.  
  5. Decided we were going to let someone move in above our garage for a few months. I won't disclose much more about this just yet, but we couldn't resist opening our home to these folks!
  6. Boiled and deboned three chickens and then proceeded to make five chicken noodle casseroles, a five hour long process.
  7. Finally broke down and admitted defeat on the recovery of our green swimming pool. Then, picked up the phone and Ty called his Dad to ask for help. Butch came over, and now our pool is aqua green. I bet it will be crystal clear by the end of the week. He's the Pool Whisperer, and Ty is his protege in training.
  8. Bought tons of candy in anticipation of the children flooding our neighborhood to trick or treat and then handed out candy to only four kids in an hour, turned off our porch light, grabbed a six pack and went to LJ and Marcus' where Halloween was happenin' and candy was running low. I'm glad we could contribute to the cause.
  9. Blow dried and straightened my hair in 20 minutes, as opposed to the usual hour-long process. Thank you, Brazilian Blowout!


Mandy S said...

I just died laughing at this post...and a BIG huge THANKS for allowing us to stay with you!!! I REALLY REALLY don't want to impose!!!

misti said...

Stephanie, I'm so glad you guys rocked the raisin! Can't wait to see pictures.

Stephanie Jordan said...

I'm not even going to say "you're welcome" because that's just silly! Ty and I are very excited that Ruby Belle will no doubt be able to identify us after this!

And I will potentially have a walking partner. I'm pretty flakey, but it sounds like it would be nice, right?

And I will have an excuse to drink wine whenever I want because I will be "entertaining guests." That will probably be something that actually happens.

We're excited to have you guys! I knew that portion of the house would eventually come in handy! We'll do anything to have you here ASAP!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Misti, you were my inspiration, and we're forever grateful!

Mandy S said...

ha!! you're too sweet! wine it is!!! :) and walking will have to come to walk off the wine :) i could always use a partner, but NO pressure! i can also go alone (i have to say that b/c i HATE it when people pressure me to do things like WALK AND RUN! ha!) anyway, yes, Ruby Belle is supre excited that she can hang w/aunt Stephanie and uncle Ty! i won't tell anyone, but you'll be her favorites!

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

This was a hilarious post & I needed a laugh today! Thanks, Stephanie. =)