Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Wedding Reception/Ty's First Official Concert

WARNING: I'm about to inundate you with a series of wedding reception photos, so if you're not into that sort of thing you may want to check back in tomorrow.

When Ty and I started thinking about our wedding day, our primary concern was that we wanted our guests to have a good time. Of course, I wanted the cake to be good and the flowers to be pretty, but our guests were more important than all of that. We wanted everyone to party down and celebrate!

The cake ended up being heavenly, and the food was delicious. The flowers were beautiful, and the setting was relaxed.

But the party was superb, and you can't really plan for that to happen. It all started pretty normal. Ty and I entered and enjoyed our first dance, followed by a father/daughter dance and a mom/son dance. Then my husband did something so romantic that my heart skipped a beat.

He sang a song for me. I'd noticed for months before, he'd been practicing more often than usual. It was all for me. He's dreamy like that.

Then things started to liven up a bit. It's a tradition that Ty's fraternity brothers welcome wives into the group by singing to them on bended knee at the wedding reception. They always sing their fraternity song, and if you look closely Ty and Steven (far right) are laughing because Steven was the president of the frat and can't remember the lyrics. A sign that we're all getting older.

Here's the group and some of their wives. It's always a treat to see everyone since its something that usually only happens at a wedding or the annual LSU/Arkansas game.

Then the guys engage in another Sigma tradition. They pass around a bottle of Four Roses, each taking a pull, until the bottle is empty. I don't think it goes down quite as smoothly as it used to. Ty now refuses to participate. Yet, another sign we're getting older.

After all that singing and whiskey drinking, things really started to liven up. We can thank that mostly to our amazing band, The Gnarly Brothers Band. Jen and Sonny (pictured) are married, and Jen's even played the Grand Ole Opry stage. I bet she didn't rock out quite like this when she played there, though.

Then my bangs started to separate, my hands started to raise and we all started to get down.

And sing our hearts out.

And cut off our dresses. LJ offered to cut mine off, too. I said no thanks.

And then my brother sparked up his Bic and hands started waving in the air. You may be wondering what encouraged such behavior?

This guy. I'm not sure who he is, but I'm pretty sure I married him a few hours earlier. Just didn't recognize him with those sunglasses and popped collar.

Then an all out dance party erupted. Don't the Tuckfields look like they're having fun?

More people put their sunglasses on, put their hands in the air and thoroughly enjoyed Ty's three song set. One of our friends said when she and her husband got home and in bed, she heard what sounded like "Mary Jane's Last Dance" playing and rolled over to see her husband watching a video from the reception on his iPhone. I'm telling you, the people couldn't get enough.

And eventually, LJ came and got me and told me I had to leave. I told her I didn't want to, but she told me the band and photographer had already gone over 30 minutes, and I really didn't have a choice. Go out on a high note, right?

In this picture, it looks like Jenny's husband (and one of the funniest people I know) was trying to catch my dress on fire with that sparkler. It makes for good pictures as long as no one catches on fire.


Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Love the pics! You were beautiful & that's so sweet that Ty sang to you. Very very sweet!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Thanks, Meryl. By the way, don't you just love Sarah Morgan with the bottom of her dress wrapped around her head!

Mandy S said...

LOVE the post!!! and don't you wish you could live that night all over again?! it was SO much fun!!!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Mandy, yes! I would love to do this again. Although, I'm pretty sure I'd have to get a new dress since I probably couldn't get into mine anymore. And your mom had it preserved for me and it's wrapped up in museum-quality preservation fabric!

Mandy S said...

oh, please!!! you could wear that again tomorrow!!!