Monday, November 8, 2010

Out With the Old, In With the New

This weekend, Ty and I put the Envoy on the market. This meant a lot of elbow grease on our part, and it resulted in several interesting finds:
  • Five cocktail straws.
  • A collapsible lunch cooler filled with range (golf) balls. 
  • My softball glove, which hasn't been used since my senior year of college. I guess at one point in my life I never knew when an impromptu slow pitch softball game would arise.
  • A package of resume paper. I used to really hate my previous job.
  • The third copy of "New Moon" that I have either borrowed or purchased in the past year.
But, after much lovin' and scrubbin', the Shaunvoy (as "he" was affectionately named) is ready for sale. If you want to buy him, here's the link:


Ashley Netherton said...

What an interesting bunch of findings you had!! Goodbye envoy, I hope you find a new home that loves you!

Stephanie Jordan said...

I know! Overall, Ty was very impressed with how well my car was taken care of in our years together. My years with the car, not Ty ... is that confusing?

Ashley Netherton said...

Not confusing to me.. to others perhaps, so I'm glad you clarified!