Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Time We Went Snorkeling

While Ty and I were in Cabo, we decided we would spend half a day engaging in some form of adventure. We weren't interested in devoting an entire day to adventure. That would cut into our drinking and eating by the pool time. We could spare only half a day away from our magical resort.

We looked into playing golf and then realized three things:

  • We can play golf at home, and we don't.
  • It's freakin hot in Cabo.
  • Golf doesn't classify as adventure when you consider all the naps I've taken on my grandparents' couch during most Sunday CBS golf coverage. Those announcers have the most soothing voices.
So, Ty suggested snorkeling, and I agreed.

We had several options to choose from and we picked the one that included transportation. However, we did not know it also included a guided tour of Cabo San Lucas where the guide mostly speaks Spanish and occasionally throws out a tequila joke to the two gringos on the bus (that would be me and Ty).

First stop that we didn't know about: The glass blowing "factory." Ty got to try his hand at blowing glass.

Initially, I thought he exhibited a strong ability to make a living as a glass blower in Mexico and afford to keep me at the magical resort forever. But then his glass exploded and hit a few people, and I knew he was too much of a liability in this line of work.

Next, we stopped at a tacky jewelry store in Cabo where they fed us tequila shots and tried to get us to buy items such as a turquoise and silver dolphin necklace with matching earrings. We immediately exited the store to explore other shops, but it seems the only shops in Cabo are tacky jewelry stores. So, we just sat on the curb until it was time to leave.

Finally, we arrived at the dock and loaded onto our boat. My red coverup is not flattering.  

At this point, I'm already starving and wondering where's my carne asada that they said they would be serving. I also didn't know it would be roughly two hours before I would see that carne asada or I would have jumped ship.

Eventually, our boat left the dock and we went out to sea. A short ride later, we cruised by The Arch.

I wonder how that hole got there. I may never understand it, but it's one of the most remarkable things I've ever seen.

There were sea lions chillaxing on the rocks.

Then we really set out to sea. I don't know why I didn't realize I would be on a boat in the open ocean, but when I did realize it I was about half a minute from dry heaving. This must be why they hold out on the carne asada. With ease, Ty sipped on his beer (poured over ice, eew) and reminded me to watch the horizon.

I was so busy watching the horizon that I almost missed Sammy Hagar's house when they pointed it out. I knew they were talking about Sammy Hagar because his name was included in some of the few words I understood that day. Sammy Hagar and carne asada. And in Cabo, you don't really need to know much more.

to be continued ...


Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Hilarious post. These pics are beautiful!! I wish I was in Cabo right now.

Ashley Netherton said...

Bhahahah!! Beer over ice ? yuck! Remind me to tell you about my boss getting tequilla shots in a cabo store, and what he bought...
ps- I hope Ty's new necklace is in the next post !!