Monday, November 29, 2010

Stuffed Like a Turkey

Somehow, I managed to put down the fork and return to work today. I enjoyed the long break. To the contrary, my hips did not. We're eating carrot sticks and an apple for lunch today. My guilty conscience and expanding hips are making me. The lower half of my body hates me. The upper half is in denial.

We kicked off the long weekend by hosting the 2nd Annual Friendsgiving. For the past two years, this has been a potluck tradition that our friends have all truly enjoyed ... and the guest list continues to expand. This year's feast included, fried turkey, Duvalls green bean casserole, Jenkins corn casserole, Brewers potato casserole, Pipkins spinach salad, Smiths sweet potato casserole, Taylors green bean bundles, Nethertons cream cheese dip, Guletts school cafeteria lady rolls, Johnsons pumpkin pie, Jordans mushrooms and mac n cheese. I've included everyone's name in this post so I can remember what everyone brought and politely suggest they bring it again next year.

The Brewers also brought this delicious creation - a chocolate topiary. I need someone to come and steal this from my house or else I'm going to have to post it on CraigsList. Just let me know and I'll leave the backdoor unlocked for you. My hips say thanks.

The next day, Ty and I enjoyed our first official Thanksgiving. We woke up Thursday and made blueberry muffins and watched "The Addams Family" movie before eating lunch with his family and dinner with mine.

Other things that happened:
  • We spent time with our precious, sweet niece Ruby Belle. In about a month, they'll call Shreveport home, and we can't wait!
  • We spent two nights sitting around the fire pit at the Taylors. I love fire pit weather. And how wonderful smores and beer taste together.
  • There were two pregnancy announcements made by friends, and we realized that this time next year there will be EIGHT more children in our midst! FYI, none of them with the last name Jordan.
  • We did a little house hunting with Mandy and Justin (Ty's sister and her husband). The house they love the most happens to be three houses down from ours. Mandy was apprehensive to tell us this, but Ty and I were both very excited and promised if we saw anyone look at it we would come out in the front yard with shotguns and pretend to be the world's worst neighbors to run them off.  
  • And finally, I refinished my second piece for the house. During my college years in Ruston, I found this frame in an old house I lived in. I painted it white and never did anything with it. So, I was inspired to paint it lime green and distress it. I think it turned out great and hopefully it will be hanging in our entryway soon.


Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Send the chocolate topiary my way, please. =)

Mandy S said...

i'll fight you for some of that chocolate, Meryl! :)

sweet post, steph!! thanks for being willing to take us in AND for being ready with the shotguns to run any potential neighbors off!! :)

AND thanks for letting us hang all weekend! we loved the fire pit too!