Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Raisin Hell

I know the anticipation is killing all of you. I know I've made you wait roughly 24 hours to see pics from our Halloween weekend. So, let's wait no more.

Here are Ty and I dressed as California Raisins. I was inspired to do these costumes when I read it on my friend Misti's blog. She was a California Raisin one year as a child, and I thought, "Ugh ... I never got to do that."

I ran my costume suggestion through Ty and asked him if he was willing to wear tights. His reply: "Is my name Ty Jordan?" I took that as a yes. I'm glad to have such a fun husband who is also very comfortable wearing spandex material. Prepare yourself for leg envy:

We lucked into the big white cartoon hands and the huge shoes to pull the costume together. And by the end of the night, we had clearly identified our picture pose, although I'm slightly hindered by my vodka freeze in this next picture.Cartoon hands don't easily lend themselves to beverage consumption.

These are our friends Kristen and Adam Blancher, dressed as a pregnant housewife and the milkman! Very clever!


misti said...

Hahaha! That is PERFECTION! Those gloves are insane!

Ashley Netherton said...

Bhahaahah!! hilarious!
ps- i think i met Kristen's mom at that show on saturday, is her name Jeannie ??

Stephanie Jordan said...

Yes, Jeanie! She mentioned that to me at church on Sunday. She's super sweet!

Misti, I'm glad that we passed inspection. I wouldn't want to disappoint! Thanks for the idea and helping me figure out to pull it off!