Friday, December 17, 2010

Battle of the Bulge

How is a girl to survive the holidays with an ounce of slenderness under these conditions! Yesterday, a blueberry cheesecake and a huge tin of Danish cookies arrived at the office, and today it's this: an Italian cream cake, a triple chocolate cake and some strawberry shortcakes. I'm praying no Harry & David packages arrive, or I'm doomed. Unless it's the pears. I'm crossing my fingers for pears!

I've had the will to resist. No cheesecake yesterday and no cake today. But my defenses are weakening, and there's another entire week of holiday treats ahead. My healthy holiday plan is slowly sinking, down like the Titanic. I fear for the worst, it's all going to go straight from my lips to my hips. That's the story of my life, and the title of my pending autobiography.

I wish you well my fellow sojourners. May your holiday be filled with a strong will to resist and high metabolism (in case the will to resist thing doesn't pan out).


sga said...

The average weight gain over the holidays is a mere 5 pounds, which you can easily and safely lose in 5 weeks after the holidays, in plenty of time to start regaining it with valentine's chocolates. Honestly Stelph, there are more important things to worry about in life, like paper weight and font size.

Stephanie Jordan said...

OR ... I could try my best to resist these treats and five weeks after the holidays lose five pre-existing pounds. I like this idea.

Really, with the things I worry about, I bet you wonder how I even sleep at night.

Kimberly and Jarrod said...

Thanks for the message on our blog! I always enjoy reading your blog as well...Merry Christmas and miss yall!!