Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Jordan Family Christmas

Our Christmas tree has officially stopped drinking water. This is a bad sign. She's literally lost her thirst for life, which means she'll be browning soon ... and shedding ... and I'm afraid to light her because she may catch fire. Oh, mercy!

Under normal circumstances, I would undress the tree and drag it to the street, but we still have another Christmas to celebrate this weekend with Ty's family. Ty's sister, Mandy, her husband, Justin, and sweet baby, Ruby Belle, are moving back to Shreveport on Friday. And they're moving in with us! We have a nice mother-in-law suite above the garage that will give them enough space to live comfortably until their house in northwest Arkansas sells and they find a home in Shreveport.

Considering Mandy is moving to Shreveport just a few days after Christmas, it didn't really make sense for them to come down last weekend, too. But we definitely missed spending Christmas day with RB and decided we would hold off on Christmas until we could all be together.

I can't wait to watch RB open her presents this weekend, and I can't wait to share Christmas with all of Ty's family. I knew I was marrying into the right family when I was given a marshmallow gun for my first Christmas with them ... and had permission to shoot it in the house! I think Margaret still finds the occasional Jet Puffed in her house.

So, let the frasier fir needles fall, I want RB to have a Christmas tree for at least a few days! Because, after all, she is the most perfect little girl in our eyes.

And although she may be a little shy around Uncle Ty and Aunt Stephanie right now, I suspect we're all going to be the best of friends in in a few short weeks.


Mandy S said... sweet! it may be the pregnancy, or the emotional mess i'm going through moving my life after 13 yrs in NW Ark, but i just got a little teary eyed over this post. i'm a sap!

thanks for keeping the dying tree alive for us!!! RB will be SO excited!