Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Buddy and Me

The top bar of my husband's closet can be divided into four primary categories: solids, stripes, plaids, Hawaiians. The fourth category is never let out of the house with the exception of a luau. And we've never been to a luau.

I may need to heed my mother-in-law's advice and dispose of his unacceptable clothing while he's out of the house. This is what she used to do when Ty was living under her roof.

Ty, I'm sorry you had to hear it here first. Although last night, when I saw you wearing a COSST T-shirt from 1995, I was disappointed that you moved out of your parents' house so soon.

I realize a man's wardrobe is not as expansive as a woman's, but I didn't realize how bad the conditions really were until people started arriving at our house Saturday for our Sunday school class Christmas party.

Contestants No. 1: Derrick and Todd

What they lack in the identical shirt matching category, they make up for in the identical belt, denim wash and beer preference categories.

Contestants No. 2: Jimmy and Eric

This is a complete hit from head to toe, gentlemen. I'm tempted to check your tags and see if these are, in fact, the same shirts. And of course, extra points go to this duo for their sassy pose striking abilities. You make me and Madonna (mother of all things Vogue) proud.

Contestants No. 3: Ty and Clint

Yet another spot-on match. What takes this matchy-match to the next level is the fact that Clint is Jenny's husband, and Jenny is my church soulmate, and holy crap ... does this mean the boys are church soulmates, too?

I think this must be true considering Ty saw Clint wearing that shirt earlier in the day and subconsciously chose to wear the exact same shirt to the party that night. 

As a completely unbiased judge in this contest, I must award these following guys my matchy-matchy shirt award.

A special thanks goes out to all the contestants, and allow me to offer a quick word of advice ... paisley, anyone? Ohh ... What about argyle?


Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

That was a cute post! It took several years, but I finally disposed of all Russell's "unsuitable" shirts. I don't think he even realized they were gone. I'm curious though... does Ty still have any of the old COSST sweat suits? Those were pretty awesome. =)

Stephanie Jordan said...

Meryl, I've yet to see a COSST sweatsuit. I don't think I've ever seen a COSST sweatsuit. I'm going to have to ask Ty about this one!

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

While you're at it... ask about the blue parka with the fuzzy red lining. We practically lived in those in the winter. You'd probably laugh yourself silly if you saw one. To their credit, they were very cozy.

Mandy S said...

oh, my...COSST parkas!!! those really were hideous to outsiders, but SOOO warm to the swimming geeks!! they were like receiving the Holy Grail of swimming