Thursday, December 2, 2010

Egg Nog and Holiday Fog

I tried to take a picture of our Christmas tree the other night with my phone. This was the best I could get.

Ain't she a beaut? Humm ... I'll try to get us a better picture.

My camera couldn't focus and then I started to think, "What is my Droid trying to tell me? What does it all really mean?" Have you seen the Droid commercials? It's scary the things this phone supposedly knows about me.

And then it hit me. Aren't the holidays typically a blur? Although, at times whiskey induced, it's a blur all the same.

This year, it seemed there was more on our Christmas to-do list. We wanted to send out a Christmas card, and apparently if you don't do it the first Christmas after you get married, then you'll never do it. Don't underestimate the societal pressures of the Deep South.

Then, we have two families to shop for this year, whereas in the past, Ty tended to his family and I tended to mine.

But, in light of it all, I'm thrilled to announce that our tree is up, our cards are ordered, our mantle is decorated and my Christmas shopping is done. ... and it's only Dec. 2.

I'm going to slow down for the next few weeks and savor this season. It's such a magical time. You may not be able to hit the brakes completely, but tap them a bit. Take a look around at the houses covered in lights. Crank up Bing Crosby when you hear him on the radio. Enjoy the feeling and spirit of giving to those you love. Cherish your calendar filled with parties and events. And remember the reason for it all, the greatest gift we've ever been given.


Marcus said...

The Taylors...?

Annette said...

If this was Facebook I would hit the like button.

Stephanie Jordan said...

Haha ... no, Marcus! His name is Dear Lord Baby Jesus. Not sure if you orthodox folk have heard of him! Just kidding, I love the orthodox church!

Thanks, Annette! Glad you liked it!

misti said...

Stephanie, I think we may have been separated at birth.

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

You've inspired me. I am getting into Christmas tomorrow. I'm going to do it... no more procrastinating!