Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Pancakes

As newlyweds, Ty and I are in the early stages of establishing our Christmas traditions. But in our few years together, there are a few things we do to make our Christmas morning special. We put together stocking for each other and exchange gifts like most everyone else. But really, our favorite Christmas tradition happens in the kitchen. I'm sure all of that will change once children come along, but Christmas Pancakes are perfect for our family of two. We don't normally (or ever) have pancakes on Saturday mornings. But on Christmas morning, we don't just have pancakes ... we have these pancakes:

 Mo's Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancakes from Vosges Haut-Chocolat. Let me explain this pancake in great detail. The bacon is actually incorporated into the chocolate. In fact, you can just buy the Bacon Chocolate candy bars without the pancake mix (they're now available at World Market, if you'd like to give it a try). The chocolate bars combine rich milk chocolate with applewood smoked bacon and Alder wood smoked salt to give it that perfect salty to sweet ratio.

But if you're going to make pancakes with the chocolate, I suggest ordering this mix. I don't know what makes it so perfect and wonderful, but it is exactly that. These are the lightest, fluffiest pancakes you'll ever taste.

You can incorporate the bacon chocolate in one of two ways:
  1. By dropping pieces into the batter once it hits the griddle.
  2. By layering the chocolate between the hot pancakes once they come off the griddle. (Ty and I opt for this technique to avoid a mess of epic proportions).

Pardon my makeup-less face and black sheep pajama pants. This is just what I look like on Christmas morning when I'm making pancakes. I don't sugar coat things on this blog, however I hope this image did not force you to scream out loud at your workplace. No more makeup-less, black sheep pajama pants pictures, I promise.

In our house, I'm the pancake flipper and Ty is the chocolate chipper, and the result of our awesome teamwork is this.

Split the stack between the two of you (although not necessarily in even portions), pour a tall glass of milk and enjoy!

More Christmas traditions to come in the days ahead!