Monday, January 24, 2011

Decorating for Newlyweds

After seeing our picture in the newspaper today, I was so glad that I rushed out and purchased that mirror. Last week, Ty and I were interviewed by The Times about how we've merged our lives/stuff together in the few months we've been married.

The reporter's first question: "What is your greatest conflict?"

I didn't know if I wanted to air the personal details of my marriage for The Times readership. I thought we were discussing home decor!! I've had multiple night terrors since this interview. I've hoped and prayed that Ty and I would have all the right, "healthy" answers ... and basically that we sounded like we liked each other.

I think the story turned out to be very cute, and I was thankful that I didn't have fat face in our photo since I strategically picked to be photographed from my good side. But my hair does look a little funky in the back.

The look on Ty's face: "Come and get it, sister!"

The look on my face: "Dang it, quit pulling so hard!"

You can read the story here:

Merging Material Possessions Can Be Tricky for Newlyweds

Here's a recap of the other things we did this weekend:
  1. Cooking Extravaganza. I spent all day Saturday cooking and putting away food. Since our frozen dinner swap, I've loved being able to go to the freezer and pull out something for a quick easy weeknight meal. This weekend I prepared enough food to help us survive a global collapse:
      • Crawfish Corn Chowder (recipe to come this week)
      • Pulled Pork (I brined for the first time, and it feels so good)
      • Roast Spaghetti
      • Chicken Divan
  2. Nursed my Husband Back to Health. Ty Grady never gets sick. Ever. I woke up Saturday night to a sick husband and stayed up with him until he dozed off. We had to miss church Sunday, but by the end of the day, Ty was feeling much better and I had completely disinfected our home. Now, I just have to conquer the fear that I'm going to catch whatever bug he had.
  3. Dinner with Friends. Friday night, we went to dinner with seven adults and three children. The woman nearly passed out when I told her there were "two more children on the way." She started scrambling for more high chairs, and I quickly had to point to bellies and explain. The Brewers are expecting their second daughter, and Mandy and Justin have another little one on the way. I can't wait to meet my new neice/nephew! Although, I don't know how we'll ever all go to dinner together once the second round of babies arrive.


melissa said...

Great article and love that mirror!!!!

Catherine said...

Loved the article...especially the pic of you and Ty with the pups! Baxter's a star!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Oh gosh!! They don't have that picture online, so I haven't seen it yet. Guess I need to run down the road and get a paper.

Catherine, I found it shocking that Ty had such in-depth thoughts about our home decor!