Thursday, January 6, 2011

Never Too Late for a Recap

Since we're already six days into the new year, I thought I better get moving on my 2010 recap. Overall, this year has been my very favorite. But even knowing that, it's difficult to round out a list of the best parts because mostly my favorite part was marrying Ty and all the fun that came with that. I couldn't come up with 10, but here are my six favorite things about 2010 in chronological order. Six favorite things, six days late. Makes sense to me.

1. Our Engagement.

Truthfully, I'd gotten upset with Ty this week about our Valentine's Day plans. I don't really care too much about Valentine's Day, but I cared that he didn't plan for our "special" occasions (whatever that means). So, I came home from work, and Ty told me to put on something nice because we were going to dinner. We went to my favorite restaurant, Olive Street Bistro, which was especially romantic since Ty doesn't like the place. Eventually, the room we were in was completely cleared out, and Ty told me he has something he needed to ask me. He was so serious, I thought for a split second he was going to break up with me. But he slid down onto one knee, pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him. Clearly, you know I said yes. From then on, I didn't really care about Valentine's Day.

This feels like an eternity ago!

2. Our House.

I'm just as in love with this house today as the first time I walked past it and picked up the flyer. It's hard to believe we've been here nearly a year. I imagine we'll be here for many more years to come. It's such a cozy house that just wraps you in comfort. I'm hoping this winter, we'll see our house covered in snow.

3. My Job.

I started working here in 2009, but 2010 was the year that gave me the opportunity for growth. I moved up in the company and traveled to several events in Austin, Las Vegas, Chicago, etc. The first thing most people ask me when they find out I work in Minden is, "You drive to Minden everyday?" The drive is the sucky part, but it's proven worthwhile.

4. Our Wedding.

This will forever be one of the happiest, most content moments of my life. It was hot. There were distractions. But in this moment, it was just me and Ty. And in this moment, we vowed that it would always be that way. That we would forge through the good and the bad together. No one can really explain the peace that comes with knowing you have a constant companion in life.

5. Our Honeymoon.

One of the best parts about getting married is that you never have to plan another wedding again. It was perfect and I loved it, but I guarantee I would never want to do that ever again. And, once you've done all that planning, you can escape to somewhere beautiful for a week or so. Ty and I loved Cabo and our stay at Zoetry. On bad days, I dream about this trip. I may never want to wedding plan again, but I could honeymoon forever!

6. Our Car.

Never say these words: I'm going to drive my car until the wheels fall off. After I said this, my car decided to give it a shot. The wheels didn't literally fall off, but there was one night driving back from a construction site in Middle-of-Nowhere, Texas, that it came close to abandoning me on a pitch-black backroad far from home.

This is where the Envoy and I started to part ways. Ty and I decided with all the miles I was driving that it was time to upgrade. We love our Volvo, but heed my warning: Don't buy a Volvo SUV and show off its kid-friendly features (Ty's favorite is the built-in booster seat) unless you're prepared for everyone to ask you if you're about to start having kids. Awkward!

We loved sharing this year with you! We hope your 2010 was all you wanted it to be, and if not, we hope 2011 makes it up to you. Happy New Year, everyone!


Marcus said...

So... when are you having kids?

Stephanie Jordan said...


As soon as LJ and I can sync up our ovulating. I'm not doing this pregnancy thing alone. Oh, and I have to figure out what ovulating really means and the science involved. I have miles to go, Marcus!

Laura said...

I have loved this year for you! I'm so glad I was a part of it. Wonder what 2011 has in store for us?! Maybe nothing if we don't figure out what ovulating is. Ha!

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Oh Stephanie, I just read the post below. I'm already saying a prayer for a safe surgery and speedy recovery. Hang in there! Also, on the kid-mobile... I have that same Volvo in Budapest... it's awesome! It IS the best kid car. =)

Stephanie Jordan said...

LJ, maybe all we're supposed to do this year is take vacations and study up on ovulating. Or just take vacations! Oh, and home improvements. That's it: vacations and home improvements!!

Meryl, thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I'm sure all will go well and hopefully I'll recover quickly. If not, I hope that sleep and pain pills will help me lose some weight in the meantime! Ha, that's a little distrubing, but true! I love that you're driving the Volvo. Don't you just feel super safe?