Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Friend I Want to Be

I was riding to dinner last week with my best friend LJ when she mentioned that she'd sent a text to a friend she hadn't spoken with in a while. I fessed up that I thought that was my greatest weakness as a friend, I never call or text just to check up. LJ said she wasn't as good at it as I was giving her credit for ... and then she said she felt like she was sitting on the other side of my confessional.

{Please don't mention how thin I was, was being the keyword. This was college, when I had to fold over my size 0 pants to get them to stay up and my grandmother would ask my roommates if I was bulimic. I miss my high metabolism. Live it up youngins. 25 changes everything.}

The truth is, I think LJ has so many qualities that you look for in a friend. She's thoughtful and checks in regularly ... and for no reason, just to say "hi." She's been my best friend for years. When I had two tickets to the Masters, it was a no-brainer that I would give her one. If Emily Post would have said I could have two matron of honors, she would have been one in my wedding. We got married within a year of each other, I'm hoping we can coordinate our family planning in the same fashion (I'm kidding, sort of, this would actually be a very nice arrangement).

{This is what usually happens when LJ is around - she makes people laugh. Who knows what she said, but I guarantee it was funny. ... and possibly inappropriate.}

She's a great friend when you're around her and a great friend even when you haven't seen her in weeks. And all of this got me thinking, I want to be the kind of friend that I like to have.

I've been blessed with so many wonderful girlfriends, and I drop the ball sometimes. So, call it a resolution of sorts, but I hope to be a better friend this year. I aspire to be the friend who sends kind notes for no reason. The friend who texts to check in even though there's no significant news to share. The friend who wishes the best for the women in her life and encourages their journey.  

There's something remarkable about friendships shared with other women. There are girls who bring out the good in me ... I just want to return the favor.


sga said...

Interesting. I never cared much for LJ myself.

Wait...did I just say that out loud?!

Mandy S said...

that was like the sweetest post! :) everyone needs a good friend! (and i'm sure you're just as good of a friend!)

Stephanie Jordan said...

Steven, I had people calling me yesterday to find out who that was who commented they didn't like LJ on my blog. Just to clear the air, everyone. SGA knows LJ and actually likes her!

sga said...

Hilarious. Yes, I like LJ, and her husband too. I would have thought the "Wait...did I just say that out loud" phrase would have clued everyone in, but oh well.

Laura said...

Steven you crack me up. I loved your comment! And yes Mandy, Steph is a fabulous friend. A friend you want to keep for a lifetime. :) Lime SoCo for everyone!!!!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Good because you're not getting rid of me! Unless you mention SoCo and Lime ever again!