Monday, January 3, 2011

The Way to a One-Year-Old's Heart

Ty's sister and family made it to town safely this weekend. Minus the loss of their grill somewhere between northwest Arkansas and here. Word is that grills fly out of the back of trucks more easily than you would expect. It's happened to Ty and Marcus. What's a guy to do? You've just got to let it go, man.

So, starting Friday afternoon, I began working diligently to become Ruby Belle's favorite aunt, and I feel it's going very well so far.

It could have something to do with her Christmas presents that she received Saturday. 

Ruby Belle loves her Cozy Coupe ... and having Uncle Ty to drive her all over the house! The crown RB is wearing is another prize from her aunt and uncle. I saw it in Real Simple and had to order one for our favorite little princess.

RB's first driving experience started well. Her hands stayed at 10 and 2 and her eyes glued to the road. But then, the bad driver started to emerge.

Texting while driving! And with your baby in the front seat! We've already had one head-on collision with a dog, and I'm sure there are many more to come.


Mandy S said...

LOVE it!!!

Stephanie Jordan said...

It makes me happy how much she likes coming downstairs to visit.

This is a nice warm up for parenthood!