Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Now I've Seen it All (at Superior)

There is a place in my mid-sized town where the margaritas flow like water. And as a result, all inhibitions are lost. And as a result, I only eat there Monday through Wednesday evenings or Saturday and Sunday afternoons (unless we're eating there with out-of-town friends. Only for you, Steven and Kelsi!).

It's for my own personal protection and the preservation of my innocence to only eat at Superior at those designated "safe" times. Superior margaritas make people do crazy things.
  • I've seen a guy in his early 20s lick sour cream off the nipple of a 50-year-old woman he seemed to be dating. With his parents sitting directly across the table. Eating their dinner. It seemed to be a less than pleasing first impression.
  • Ty has witnessed a girl (someone I went to high school with) park at the table he was sitting at and pick food off the plates of complete strangers. He swears she ate every bit of fajita beef within her reach. Again, a less than pleasing first impression.
  • This is also the nation's capital for Inappropriate Dancing by Middle-Aged Parents (Yes, your children would be humiliated if they could see you).
So, last night LJ and I decided we would treat ourselves to a much deserved margarita. It was a Monday night. What could happen?

LJ and I watched a guy drop on to his knee and propose to his girlfriend at the table next to us. The girl's first answer: "Why are you doing this in front of all these people?" The girl's second answer: "You need to ask permission from my mom and dad?" I felt bad for the guy. He was rejected in front of a room full of people. But they just went on eating dinner like nothing had happened. How is that possible? How do you recover from such public humiliation?

If you've ever eaten at Superior, I know you have a story. Please share. You must!


melissa said...


Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Ha! Fun post. I honestly haven't seen anything thing too horrible. My sweet little grandmother tried to pick up everyone's dinner one night after she had one margharita. She insisted on paying with her Exxon card. =)

Mandy S said...

wow...i kinda don't know what to say after those embarrassing stories!!!

sga said...

Kelsi says, "Aw, that's so sweet!" I'm assuming she's referring to the shoutout you gave us in paragraph one and not the "CSCNL" (cougar sour-cream nipple lick), but you just never know with that girl.

Randy said...

I can't go there for the same reasons you mention... as well as the noise, the parking, you mentioned the people.... I'm sure there is more. But yes in my late, late 20's I find I can't handle it anymore either. Much to my own dismay.

Stephanie Jordan said...

Randy, it really is sad how quickly you lose your mojo in your late 20s. I really don't mind though. It's just the realization that I can't go out like that anymore and neither do I really want to!