Monday, February 21, 2011

Talk About a To-Do List

As I've mentioned a few times before, our upstairs mother-in-law suite is currently being occupied by Ty's sister, Mandy, and her family, Justin and Ruby Belle. When I come home, pull into the garage and open my car door, I'm greeted by one of two sounds:
  1. The pitter patter of Ruby Belle's little feet as she runs around their "apartment."
  2. Or Ruby Belle screaming her head off. 
I love it ... although I take preference to sound number 1.

To some, it would seem like the arrangement would be too close for comfort. But since Mandy and Justin have lived in Arkansas for years and years, I've enjoyed having them nearby and getting to know my sister-in-law and her family so well.

I chose to use the picture of Mandy from our wedding because right now she's 17 weeks pregnant and she doesn't look much different than she did in September and it would probably make you all want to cram your finger down your throat and purge whatever you had for lunch. I had a salad, so it's really not even worth the effort. But it's still tempting!

So, here are all the things Justin and Mandy have on their plate right now:
  1. Justin is taking the bar exam this week.
  2. Mandy starts a new job in about a week.
  3. They're house hunting.
  4. They're preparing for baby no. 2.
Here are the things that I have going on right now, specifically today:
  1. Work.
  2. Grocery store.
  3. One hour of exercise.
  4. Fold towels.
How is it that I'm always the one who seems the most overwhelmed? Thankfully, it's not a hair (wash/dry/straighten) night or I might snap! With everything those two have going on, they somehow manage to keep their cool. I can't imagine tackling all four of their tasks, not to mention day-to-day life, at the same time. And I don't know how they're doing it all ... and making it look easy. 

I'm hoping the MLS of their dreams pops up soon before things become too stressful. I would hate for them to call it quits and hightail it back to Arkansas (I had a dream this happened). I would miss the pitter-patter of those little feet.


Mandy S said...

again...i've said this before, maybe i'm just emotional, but i think i teared up about 3 times reading that post...and i laughed outloud about 3 times as well. So, for the record...i'll be posting belly pics soon and you'll be able to see the difference (sorry if seeing my bare pregnant belly offends).
also, for the record, I have to say THANKS a billion times again to y'all for letting us stay SO close (esp since you JUST got married). it's made our "complicated and stressful" life much less complicated! i've loved being SO close (even though i feel like we're annoying some times!)

p.s. i look really pissed off in that pic...but i'm NOT, I swear!! it's the "half-smile" that i do when i squint and it looks like i'm mad. SO sorry!! you look so beautiful and i look like i'm having a terrible time! that was NOT the case! loved every minute of being your bridesmaid!

p.s.s. sorry about the screaming baby!! :-)