Friday, February 4, 2011

Louisiana Snow Day

I mentioned a while back that I really wanted to see our house coated in snow this winter.

Wish granted!

Here are a few things that I'm loving about this snowy day in Louisiana:
  1. Snow seems to make everything quiet and still. That may be because the world all but stops spinning when it snows in Louisiana. But it's like a hush falls over everything.
  2. I'm working from home today. The 45 minute drive to the office would have sent me into a panic. No one should have to leave home on a day like today.
  3. Working in sweat pants is a definite perk, too. Sweat pants and this day were made for each other.
  4. Today was the perfect day to warm up the broccoli and cheese soup that's been stored in my freezer since the frozen dinner swap. My dear friend Jenny made it and it was so delicious I ate two bowls. Once again, I'm very happy to be wearing sweat pants.
  5. My dogs are highly confused by the white stuff on the ground. Baxter just stands around and stares at it, while Lacy chomps and chomps at the snow like she has to eat all of it before it melts.
  6. The snow in the backyard makes the pool seem out of place. It's somewhat of an eerie scene. Polar bear dip, anyone?